Bluh. does anybody even.

Nishio: Sure, like ruby gave ground to js, like perl gave ground to php. fads are fads, and they’re all annoying

Bruzewicz: PenguinMan98: i mean the general structure is the same. angular is just more mvc, react is just an evolution of backbone views

Tewmey: Regardless, it is the world of the front end right now and there is little sign of anything stablilizing.

Wanker: At least, from what I can tell reading blogs and such

Ehiginator: Looking at market trends and statistics

Markson: Even shopping for jobs

Vafiadis: Huh, how long have asynchronous pluggable protocols been a thing across browsers and platforms?

Vafiadis: I’ve been researching a way to get around Chrome45 killing NPAPI today and it turns out there’s already office-specific protocol handlers that seem to work with all browsers

Vafiadis: It even TRIES to work on linux

Pawelczyk: I’m trying to implement some client side validation and price calculation for this form:

Hamalainen: I **** at javascript, jquery, and all that happy crap. Is anyone able to help me with this?

Aiola: I need to verify that there is at least one checkbox selected

Rosato: And I need to calculate a total price based on the options selected

Heeter: Hi anyone have experience with grunt not version? I did npm install -g grunt-cli. which grunt gives me the path, but grunt –version doesn’t give me anything

Ottalagano: I need to hire a web designer that is good with javascript, bootstrap, jquery, and preferably familiar with ASP.NET though you shouldn’t have to use it

Fanizzi: Writing excel macros in vb is hilarious

Thorsted: I’ve written javascript that implements a “draggable” with an SVG element background. What if I don’t have an SVG background or the equivalent?

Goldenberg: What do you prefer between es6 and typescript?

Huntoon: Torkable: is it hilarious

Dadisman: Idk I just think vb is a weird language

Huckaby: Its the only lang thats ever made me cry

Kleindienst: And using it to do stuff in excel makes it even funnier

Lunderville: Because there is weird excell specific stuff

Hertzler: That probably wasn’t designed properly

Belsheim: Can you write a GUI in vb and track down an IP address

Lucksom: Did you all miss my question?

Hiscox: Ya i had a freelance gig doing that, had to resign

Bolick: But they’re stuck with it

Reineck: Torkable: I once built an excel interop system in ASP.NET which would fill a table on a web page with stuff from excel and vice versa

Reineck: You could type stuff into the table cells in the browser and it would get moved into the actual excel sheet and it would get updated similar to how the excel sheet got updated

Reineck: I was mostly just curious if it could be done 😛 it was around the time when google spreadsheets came around

Reineck: Http://

Reineck: There’s a small video of how it works

Chroman: Emaczen: if no one answers it probably because no one knows

Jolla: Reminded me of silicon valley

Moog: Emaczen: I don’t get what you’re asking. You wrote it? Why not change it so it accepts something other than SVG?

Kahill: You know what that means?

Maifeld: Gillice: I have a function called onMouseMove that changes the position of the object according to the mouse’s position, and continuously redraws it by appendChilding it to the SVG DOM tag.

Ginther: Yansanmo: Thanks lol.

Sabina: Now, I don’t have an SVG tag, so there really isn’t a “position” that can be drawn to.

Rauhecker: Unless, however I put an SVG tag behind my entire app.

Elvis: Bluh. does anybody even read cover letters?