Stack: you want a solution.

Ripperger: How many websites are using it? What is the most used version? What are high traffic websites running WP?

Partlow: Bu***and: that wont do. :/ no data there

Herber: PrintForever: Google result for wordpress usage statistics – wordpress-usage">

Henifin: PrintForever: google has that info

Brain: PrintForever: not going to do your search for you beyond that.

Robb: That article is from 2014, I already have Googled it, thanks

Milkey: PrintForever: Google result for wordpress usage statistics –

Hibbetts: I love how you ***ume that I can’t use google, and have came here just to bug you

Pecararo: PrintForever: dont tell me doesnt have the stats. You didnt even TRY to look for it

Savaria: Last i heard there was at least 100 sites on the innernette

Maradiaga: Basic google skills is all that is needed to p*** school these days and kids still cant seem to make it happen

Cutri: Bu***and: already been there, there is Kahahane I need on that page

Folkerts: PrintForever: Google result for youtube the innernette –

Kettell: In most cases i think folks in this channel are a bit too aggressive and / or demeaning . but not in this case

Duberstein: How many websites are using it? What are high traffic websites running WP?

Savaria: PrintForever: that info is on

Neibert: The latest version of WordPress has been downloaded 18,746,066 times

Kreisher: Can I get what is the number of websites running on WP?

Gillett: Can I get total count?

Savaria: That’s at the bottom of . 24%

Riggert: Is there a number, instead of percentage?

Savaria: That’s not possible to accurately measure without phoning home or some builtin malware

Savaria: No, as i said, to reiterate, no.

Weichman: Okay, here is the code for my cronjob .

Budinich: Is this recommend? wordpress-user-enumeration-secure-wordpress-against-hacking">

Sumera: BenLue:

Steidl: BenLue: IP Geo Block –

Savaria: Blocks people from accessing all admin areas by country, but still allows front end viewing of the site

Savaria: Blocks, admin area, login screen, plugin/theme dirs, etc.

Wolanski: Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the default nonce in an edit post form when updating content from a custom meta box?

Smades: Hi there, is there an API/Interface to handle wordpress‘ database?

Vopava: Hi, is that possible to specify the image format for a given added image size? for example I want that image to always be jpeg

Savaria: You should always upload “jpeg” files then.

Overholser: Stack: use imagemagick on server side

Benedix: Vdevatman: not an acceptable solution to me

Savaria: Your idea is “not acceptable”

Sebastion: I should prepare the image when it is uploaded

Savaria: Doesn’t make any practical sense.

Curd: Opsec: because you can’t see it it doesn’t mean it doesnt exists, stop trolling please.

Empey: Stack: use javascript if you absolutely want to

Fondy: Stack: there is no possible way you could standarify every sigle client to fit your needs, otherwise you would be the most important person in the world

Savaria: Stack: i’m a regular helper here, your idea makes no practical sense.

Stikeleather: Vdevatman: what are you talking about?

Killins: Stack: you want a solution that works on every single client, and that simply doesn’t exist