Ow1n: i can’t do any.

Emanuele: Stack: why are you screaming?

Renaker: Opsec: can you point me to the url of any wordpress‘ API/Interface to work with its database by using php?

Keohane: Vdevatman: yes it does and it’s called javascript

Smarr: Vdevatman: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/

Traber: Stack: i’m sure you can get into the graphics library that generates the new image sizes and hack it to specify what image format you want it to create.

Petti: Emil_: are you aware that every single browser implements its own version of javascript , right?

Selvester: Stack: there is not, AFAIK a hook for such a thing

Iliff: Vdevatman: probably I was misunderstood, I want to create a converted image, like add_image_size does, but the resulting image should be converted to jpg

Savaria: Vdevatman: all the functions, filters, etc are there.

Mease: Vdevatman: yes size will grow but eh

Krohn: To what hook, filter should I look?

Knopf: Vdevatman: also send to a public transformer, do conversion, get returned iamge

Petka: Stack: like i said. there is none

Kalupa: Bu***and: ok you are by now the one that has most understood the question thanks, sorry to others if I was too obscure.

Bettley: Stack: also, i dont see any logical reason for you to do this in the first place

Savaria: It’s not a smart idea.

Savaria: What if you have an image with transparency?

Mehis: Stack: Please explain from the beginning what you want to do

Rahoche: Opsec: yeah you should leave

Trottier: Stack: i understand WHAT you want to do. i understand how you can likely do it. i still see no reason

Goolia: Hey I have a quick question. I have a friend that has 4 seperate wordpress sites that all have woocommerce on them. Would it be a good idea to host them all under a single instance of wordpress with multisite enabled?

Toki: Bu***and: the reason is creating smaller images for mobile users, where I could sacrifice a specific feature of all my featured images that has alpha areas around a center object, I sacrifice the added background on mobile by obtaining a white jpg instead

Lucidi: This is not a dumb reason to generate jpg images to me

Mccaine: Bu***and: so you are like the developers who remove features because “I don’t like them”

Quoss: May I use php to create/manage tables within wordpress‘ sql database?

Joynt: Stack: so you want to remove the transparency and save ANY .png files as jpgs ?

Savaria: Stack: what do you need?

Hamp: Vdevatman: It’s possible, but why do you want to do so? Better to let WordPress manage its own database I think.

Manross: Vdevatman: why would you need to do that?

Klinetob: Opsec can you help me with my question?

Dyda: Bu***and: why any? can’t I distinguish where the image comes from? for example that is the featured image of a custom post type

Maltba: Ow1n / Bu***and : because as far as I know wordpress only creates post/pages lets say i want to store a table with kittys, how would I do that?

Savaria: Noob_: only if they’re all related sites.

Savaria: Noob_: like a network of related sites. if not, keep them separate.

Hillock: Stack: alternate image files are created on upload only. your files arent added as featured images until AFTER they’re updated and file versions are already made

Chiapetto: Vdevatman: You can create custom post types and/or do all sorts of interactions with the database if you create your own plugin

Oen: Vdevatman: custom post types

Glidwell: They are all related. He has his main site and then he had 3 others that are specific areas of his main site.

Hammann: Vdevatman: Have you investigated those options?

Raxter: Vdevatman: or custom taxonomy

Hendry: Ow1n: i can’t do any research when all i find in the do***ention is how to work with an interface, i’m backend guy, not a frontend guy