PrintForever: wordpress.

Voetberg: But I can narrow it down to a category

Topp: Or I cannot narrow it down to a category

Bahr: Xpistos: you could list out the terms, and append some custom var to the URL. so let’s say were on — have the links be /my-archives/?some_var=term_id

Benway: I tried to use category_name=slug but no luck there

Bahr: Then use pre_get_posts to check for some_var to modify your query with tax_query

Bahr: Xpistos: you could TRY ?cat=TERM_ID

Bahr: For giggles. might work.

Maddy: Bahr: no dice. shows me all the posts with too much info, I what just categories to look like this:

Bahr: Xpistos: some_var was a placeholder variable

Bahr: You need to pick what some_var is

Bahr: Xpistos: what is an ID of a category

Bahr: Real quick i’ll test cat=

Stefl: Is there a sort of way to do “child” folder for plugins like themes so my changes to plugins arent lost on update?

Bahr: Xpistos: you are trying to filter the homepage?

Fontneau: Bahr: catagories from it yes

Bahr: Sisccl: that’s what custom hooks and filters are for :

Bahr: Xpistos: ok so /?cat=19 works but redirects you to that catgegory

Bahr: You’re going to need to implement pre_get_posts hook with a custom variable for flagging

Bahr: Some_var was a dummy name

Storage: Right and that is good to show me the actual posts, but I need to just see a list not the actual posts so, just the titles

Stargell: Bahr: does the same

Bahr: Xpistos: well to change the output you’d have to modify your theme template file for homepage to adjust the output if your some_var is set in the URL

Bahr: Or use template_include to change the templaet being loaded

Bahr: There’s a number of ways to skin this cat 😀

Bahr: You could also jsut change the template for your categories if you don’t mind it not filtering the hoempage

Krausz: Bahr: Thanks. I will have to read up on how to do that when I have more time

Sorice: Xpistos:

Greenup: Xpistos:

Marshak: Xpistos:***_Reference/WP_Query

Bahr: Check tax_query for pre_get_posts

Bahr: Donlyuk: why do you have an index file that includes wp-blog-header ?

Donlyuk: So i can have my site installed at /wordpress/ without having to go to the url

Bahr: Are you saying /public_html/index.php is requiring /wordpress/wp-blog-header or visa versa?

Bahr: Donlyuk: you’d just redirect traffic to /wordpress first of all

Donlyuk: Https://

Savaria: Just set a proper do***entroot and use fallbackresource

Savaria: No need for crazy setups

Bahr: I use wp blog header jsut to run quick custom scripts

Bahr: No idea codex out there said to use it for that purpose ha

Donlyuk: Ok the answer to my question is no, it should work fine without modifying my rewrite rules

Stoudymire: Someone know ig is possible to add taxonomy/categories using the woocommerce rest api?

Wide: So I am scheduling a wp_cron job and it looks like everything is setup correctly, but it isn’t running the job

Heimlicher: Do I need to call wp_cron in my init action?

Decato: Where could I grab some WordPress statistics?

Guilbeault: I’m doing a seminar paper.

Ahonen: PrintForever: