Scavotto, I thought meta.

Minney: Vilkku seems ok, do you have debug on and see any errors ?

Ojeda: Vilkku: the function is add_meta_box not add_meta_boxes I believe

Tumolo: Let me double check that though

Federici: Scavotto, yeah I just found it

Grate: Scavotto, you are correct, but the action is add_meta_boxes

Zinno: Vilkku oh as Scavotto said

Spaur: It was processing specific fields not, not any field I p***ed in

Faykosh: But there is no s VectorX Scavotto ?

Goshen: Vilkku: ok yea. the action is add_meta_boxes

Panning: Add_action’add_meta_boxes’

Rizzotto: The function is add_meta_box

Tolen: Vilkku: start by removing your conditional statement

Ingvolostad: Blasted i was in the functional

Kilbourn: VectorX: yea i confused the two in my mind too. its ok

Abels: Vilkku: remove your conditional and see if that results in metaboxes. Your permissions could be wonky

Estelle: Vilkku: you SHOULD be getting an error at least now.

Aldava: Scavotto, removed conditional and set wp_debug to true in config, I get nothing

Treftz: Vilkku: are you sure you’re putting this code in the correct place?

Grenko: Vilkku: in a functions.php inside of your ACTIVE theme or in an active plugin file

Slinger: Scavotto, yep, it’s in the functions.php of my active theme

Basini: I did one experiment, one second let me verify that I am saying it correctly

Ehrlich: Vilkku: and you’re looking at your DASHBOARD, correct?

Vannette: Vilkku: because your params have it set to display on the dashboard screen. not the post, page, attachment, or a CPT screen.

Pielow: Scavotto, yes, looking at wp-admin/index.php

Corkery: Scavotto, so, if you look at it now updated,***iN2 I added an echo to the init function

Vrazel: But it doesn’t appear on the page

Goldbaum: However, if I change the action to ‘admin_init’ I do see the text on the screen

Pourier: But no meta box still

Vestal: Vilkku: Umm. remove the echo.

Beauparlant: Vilkku: remove it from both and do return ‘test’;

Keister: Vilkku: i am surprised you aren’t seeing any errors, but I dont thin kyou should be ‘echo-ing’ in there.

Perreault: Scavotto, of course not, it’s just an exeriment. Like I said, expected behavior of having an echo there is that at the top of the page source whatever it is echoing appears. when I hook admin_init it does appear, but when I hook add_meta_boxes it does not

Lippincott: Vilkku i think you need to use this

Schildknecht: And returning instead of echoing in the render function does not do anything

Mignano: With this action

Dillon: VectorX, I’m not trying to add a dashboard widget, but a meta box excuse my confusing functions names as it was indeed initially a dashboard widget

Raneses: Vilkku: a dashbvoard widget is basically a metabox

Rodriges: Meta boxes appear at the top of the admin page and can be full page width, where the dashboard widgets are limited in width

Bippus: Scavotto: do you know of a way to make it be 100% wide?

Loll: Vilkku: I don’t think you can do that

Dorrill: Vilkku: if tyou look at the actual “welcome” code block you are going to see that its hardcoded in there. there is no hook for that top area.

Beel: Sorry, that’s what I came up with as well and that’s the reason for trying to make a meta box

Lacau: Vilkku: meta box isnt going to work for you. You CAN move your metabox to the top or force it to display however you want with some jquery though

Tarascio: Scavotto, I thought meta boxes were displayed at the top per default?