Esd: that’s what the “a” is.

Anguiano: It long since has stopped being “paranoid ***umptions”.

Clemmon: Can anyone please help me with my problem described above?

Veneman: Undrinkablesoup: what have you tried? this doesn’t look to do anything at all

Hocutt: That’s because I can’t find any way to do this.

Veneman: TechMonger: – tabs work fine

Veneman: Undrinkablesoup: so you didn’t try anything?

Bitting: I can’t “try” random things because I have no idea how to do it.

Releford: I have no idea what you’re even talking about.

Veneman: Okay, so what you’ve said sounds to me like “here’s a table, make it do something” and sounds suspiciously like “do my work for me”

Gibble: If you don’t want to help, don’t pretend to.

Veneman: You could do td:hover a { display: block } td:first-child a { display: none; position: absolute; left: whatever }

Brzuchalski: Theres a difference between “helping” and “doing it for you”

Veneman: If you want to get help, don’t pretend like you want someone to do it for you

Brzuchalski: One requires you to put some effort of your own in

Pezley: Is it the one where i get people to do it for me?

Loudermilk: Is that the one that takes effort?

Guttenberg: Brzuchalski: I did make an effort by making the god damn example case.

Langenheim: I have no idea how to do it. What part of that is unclear? You want me to randomly stare at it for 10 hours before asking for help?

Feather: God. Every time you ask a question, you get these people.

Kaba: Can i apply the will-change property when i use background-attachment: fixed?

Veneman: Undrinkablesoup: what happens when you try what i said?

Fringuello: Or is there any solution to get better perfomance when i using multiple fixed backgrounds?

Brzuchalski: Hapi: you can, but i don’t think it will do anything

Dalessio: Http://

Dihel: I cannot left this now

Salviejo: With this performance:

Galway: Http:// omfg

Watchman: Damn it =/ “Entrée” looks bad

Watchman: Fonts and their missing glyphs ftl

Delacuesta: Veneman: — It remains invisible.

Veneman: Undrinkablesoup: are you kidding me? “whatever” isn’t a valid left value

Gundrum: Https://

Hinojosa: Without loosing the responsivness

Bratek: How would i go about and equalize those columns

Maras: Is there pure css solution

Sturkie: And i have to have only one row

Konopacki: T-Rex_, Same height columns: Method 1:, Method 2:, Method 3: — The easy way, no IE6/7 support:

Petrilli: 4×4 ctf msg me no gohann pls

Troxell: With one row and bootstrap

Beilstein: T-Rex_, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!

Lia: T-Rex_, Sorry, I am a bot, not a person. You want to speak to the person who spoke to me.

Veneman: Misgendering users. talking to the bot. what next?

Clermont: Good news is you remmber me

Veneman: Actually, no. that isn’t good news

Varghese: Probably end of the world

Petrilli: Veneman, yeah had no idea /amsg will send it over ALL networks

Veneman: Esd: that’s what the “a” is for. it’s a silly feature.