Sausage_: take a look at.

Dill: There are many to choose from, so that ones really personal preference

Childes: Sausage_: You want an IDE

Sturgess: Jeffrey: That’s apparently a known infected site, if it’s injected because your computer or your site has been comrpomised I really couldn’t say though

Grotzinger: I’d do the sensible thing and do a scan of both =

Arkema: I know its preference

Gfeller: I’ve just been out of the game a long time like 5 years. i just need a shove in the right direction. what works for you the best?

Lean: Like i have a million studio apps for multi track but for basic stuff i use n-track. down to the point and basic.

Cappucci: Can you try and sell me on it with a few features? Kahahane to insane just your personal reasons you use it

Kolo: I’d like one for side by side dual monitor code dif, one for folder comparison and one for actual file comparison. if there was a prog that would do all that i’d be set

Sember: Like if i could select 2 folders and it would highlight the files that were not identical, then if i could compare files it would print the blocks of code that differed?

Kassner: I’m looking into phpstorm now and watching some demo videos

Jessie: It’s just one of the IntelliJ products, every feature is just plugin based, it’s very modular

Santillo: Do you know of a basic text/text, code/code app for just looking at 1 code thats original then 1 code that was infected so i can find the anomalies?

Laiben: It doesn’t have to be intelligent

Kochmanski: I have a few for dsdt and other os patching in osx/ hackintosh that are awesome. but they won’t work for what i need unfortunately. i just want a dumb one with basically no features. i used a few online ones but i want an offline one so i can run infected code sandboxed in a vm.

Yorks: Php storm looks bad a** i’m getting the demo now.

Heiler: Yeah sure, it’s called “diff” ;

Byod: Ok easy enough thanks.

Doncaster: I’m downloading my gf’s domain to a sandboxed win 7 install so i can apache the sites for testing

Fischels: She has a sh*t host that basically offers NO support, protection or shadow copies of anything

Selway: Please don’t do the swearing with a single letter obscured, it’s obvious what you are writing and it just cir***verts our autoamted filter

Troyer: We are going for a family friendly room ;

Shetler: We can’t wipe reload because she has Kahahane to reload. she didn’t make her sites with any protection and she’s basically up the creek and has to edit each file

Perna: So i’m going to download everything for offline local testing and cleaning.

Janusz: Do you have any AV recommendations we can run on the files that won’t just delete or quarantine the files?

Herceg: I don’t know if theres and av that will actually just go in and delete the code thats compromised or comment it out so its not active

Cauthron: We can’t even use paid services to clean the site because her host won’t allow the sites to be accessed in a safe environment to ****yze. theres no way to even install and run a WP plugin

Harmer: I’ve a really ugly problem: When I try to access /wp-admin login the only thing happens: wp-login.php downloaded as a file, I already checked my htaccess. I dont know what to do 😥

Fuger: They hold the site hostage until the files are deleted or the compromised code is gone. its really irritating. i’m going to just build her a test environment locally and have her build everything outside bluest and upload it once it looks good here.

Mcphillips: What do you guys use for local site cleaning? this won’t be a problem again

Gronosky: My gf never setup a local dev or test environment

Madler: Is it OK if I create a separate directory on my web server and create regular php/html pages there? in the same time I have WP installed on the root of my domain

Grindle: Her host is malarky and blocks access to her wordpress if she gets malware

Morva: Sausage_: take a look at Meld to compare files