Blablablabla: If your theme.

Crisp: You want to keep the old site?

Crisp: 1. Why are you setting up a new site ‘over’ the other 1?

Ridall: No, the goal was to replace the old with the new.

Mazzariello: Not sure if my client wants to get rid of the old one permanently though.

Crisp: Rename all paths because that is going wrong

Crisp: If you are not able to do in in a text editor: wordpress-databases/">

Crisp: Because that is going wrong sir, your paths are wrong.

Crisp: It’s not a drupal thing where you can just change the $base_url to something else and the whole thing keeps working no you have to change everything.

Funches: Ok. I’m very reluctant to remove the old site when I’m new to this and feel like I’m way over my head.

Shuckhart: Someone who can help me figure out why I do not see the posts in the calender archives plugin ?

Crisp: Roelof are you using: /plugins/calendar-archives/

Pages: Wierd, when I look I see that it is updated 3 days ago Archives Calendar Widget

Magnuson: Crisp:

Ballestero: Crisp: No results found

Losa: Crisp: here you have :

Springman: Wierd, when I said Archive in months, everything is working well. When I select in years it do not work well

Behner: So I think there is a error in the plugin

Charania: Anyone familiar with Akismet hooks, I need to delete a spam comment prior to it being saved to the WordPress comments table; my database is getting slammed :

Vallerand: Crisp: Thanks for trying to help. I think my lack of experience is getting in the way of me understanding what you’re saying/knowing where to go from here. Going to keep searching for solutions. Thanks again.

Cavalli: Anyone who knows a better solution for my site then the calender archive plugin

Crisp: Seems so:

Esselman: Crisp: I found that one. The support is lacking there.

Acklin: That topic is not answered in 3 weeks

Betker: So I hope I can find a better solution to display my posts which looks fine on my site

Bauch: Crisp: do you have a idea ?

Fritchman: I made a list in wordpress using the “-” item

Wallaert: Now, on the webpage i have lines between the single items

Carlson: How can i get rid of the lines?

Radie: Why is a 0px border in a table still visible

Orsborn: The lines are probably added by your themes stylingf

Stoudemire: These are all CSS questions though, which #CSS is a much better venue for

Pa: Well im using wordpress

Sarti: Winland: so where can i change the default css settings set in the body-tag for my entire site?

Cecala: I have a few simple questions of opinion

Stormont: Kahahane technical. i just want a few options or programs to help code

Robasciotti: I need a nice editor so i can compare 2 files at the same time that will automatically highlight the code that differs

Ekstrand: And “if” its intelligent enough to know “why” the code is wrong give me corrections. like a auto correct for reasons its wrong.

Pini: Like html, css, java, flash anything. but 1st i just need a basic file compare tool that highlights the dif in the code

Lufborough: I have an ecommerce wordpress site patched as of a week ago, looking at the cookies set by my site, there is some rogue domain, any idea if this is malicious?

Wolfrum: I think text wrangler does something like that? I’ve had a few in the past but it was years ago

Kitterman: Blablablabla: If your theme doesn’t have a custom CSS section, you’ll want a plugin taht allows it