Hi, question can find.

Knoeppel: Sausage_: im using docker as my dev environment, really simple

Keator: So i’m cleaning her site to a local apache install so she can clean her site while its live and install plugins, delete her online sites then replied once cleaned

Gabeline: Jozefk: you may have to take care about the .htaccess file

Kudley: Yes always a good way to work on a copy rather than live!

Rincon: Choki what’s wrong with .htaccess file?

Hagwood: Sausage_: work on your local machine then upload it again. the only problem is, if something changes online you’ve to change it on your localhost too

Neverman: I want her to do all of her work offline then upload it

Bruch: We can incrementally update bothways

Gilliard: And you want her to do so without any “knowledge”? something like just a click?

Coullard: She’s been doing web dev and wp for years. she’s just not good at doing it correctly

Langham: She doesn’t have the concept of having a backup of a backup or having a test environment

Siddique: She edits everything live hoping that her host will be there if theres a problem

Hearing: I don’t know html or php or any of that but i own a computer repair shop and i have vm’s and test environments for everything

Demling: Depends on the host, some hosts do have a backup solution builtin. so you could backup first with a single click before you work on. for example digitalocean

Padley: I have Kahahane against girls that do tech stuff its just that guys always do a lot of hand holding and bail outs so a lot of them don’t fend for themselves well

Caserta: Winland Thanks, that helped narrow it down, it was a Chrome extension/plugin

Missel: I just bought her an iMac and loaded it up with a 2tb and a 256 sad with 16gb ram. she can easily have a nice dev machine for test

Scarce: Lol way too much overhead

Wenzl: Heh, Video Download Helper

Huss: We installed mamp and downloaded the cpanel, we got WP setup in local.

Barbaro: Y u know u dont need 16gb ram to run mamp 😀

Gouchie: But you do if you want to run IDEs, photoshop, VVV or equivilant for testing, and so on and so on

Creaser: She’s got win7 in vm and enough power and space to have about 4 or so vm’s running at the same time. she can easily host all of her sites and view them local. we just gotta get them up and run a good av on them to get them clean so we can delete her online setup and reinstall WP/plugins and replace her sites with clean versions

Reiman: I can do the same with Docker on a 5 year old machine

Hartog: You can use a Ferrari Testarossa for shopping … why not … 

Burkdoll: I guess I won’t share my setup then 😛

Inmon: You ain’t a “girl that does tech stuff” though

Verrelli: Depends who you ask 😛

Pusser: At least not from what I know … 

Rockey: And nobody actually asks Kenshino

Wille: Server settings … another mystery on its own

Steeves: When i open /wp-admin it downloads wp-login.php like a ****

Hites: Is php installed at all?

Frieman: Did you try to disable plugins to reduce the amount of potential error sources?

Martich: Did you look into error log?

Waser: Or let the support of your web host do that for you?

Feiler: Yes Kahahane special there :’

Rivenberg: But old wordpress from 2013

Mcmurry: Hm, perhaps some wrong settings in php.ini

Moroles: Why would you want to work with that? are you a hobby archaeologist?

Nagler: It is a old site i wanna update

Raburn: Hi, question can find proper explanation on what is bp-xprofile, how to override themes, what is the difference between wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-legacy and wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default and how to react to wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-xprofile and overall how to modify output templates for all possible views and models.