Rapid: and again DO YOU.

Austgen: Codi: CLEARLY if you had followed my first instruction we would have saved all this time.

Aran: Codi: yep. Thanks for wasting time.

Kreft: Try a screencap with the second image i uploaded

Kaminaka: Codi: I am telling you that the creator of the file added a soft “glow” background to the white . and you would be able to see that IF you draw a white square and put it over the top of the image

Delisi: Codi: I am telling you that the difference does exist and it was put there by the retoucher and its NOT an anomoly with actual white rendering non-white . its non white in the file.

Trejo: Ok, so for the sake of argument. if the source image is perfectly white and produced by our in house design team. would there be something else to look at when it comes to adjustments or quality of wordpress derivatives?

Gobler: Ok, thanks for your help LindsayMac

Edley: I appreciate you sticking it out. still pretty new to WordPress

Takemura: Codi: this is Kahahane to do with wordpress. you refuse to take a simple step to test a theory and continue on

Grandusky: Table ‘./asylum_asylumrocks/wp_w9cavm6b7m_bp_activity_meta’ is marked as crashed and last automatic? repair failed

Brault: Why is it having issues today

Sanseverino: Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions by CAGE Web Design is causing it

Filipovich: Well, don’t use that plugin

Yurman: That plugin goes buh bye

Koplin: Bogo: WP-Sweep – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/wp-sweep/

Filipovich: If you want a db optimizing plugin

Willinger: That other one has been solid

Encinas: BOGO: http://bfy.tw/21Rb

Cerminaro: Hi guys, need some help –

Latos: My site is showing up as a mobiel site when I login from desktop

Urbancic: I cleared my browser cache, site cache and page chache

Blaeser: Rapid: delete your mobile theme

Rissanen: I cant delete my mobile theme. all my customers are connecting through mobile

Kears: Rapid: mobile themes such anyways

Filipovich: Stuck inside of Memphis with the Mible blues again.

Ohrt: 90% of the customers are using mobile phones

Garbin: Cant lose my google rank aswell.

Sauceda: Ugh. mobile only themes

Filipovich: Isn’t your “regular” theme responsive, Rapid?

Filipovich: How do you detect a “mobile” device?

Filipovich: Rapid: you do not know what a responsive theme is?

Cogar: Rapid: you have a caching plugin?

Pesso: I’m pretty fresh to wordpress, 1 month or 2, but got coding knowledge, the site was made by a company, but however it seems like

Strickling: The site used to have WP Touch

Coiro: I like that plugin sterndata

Garmoe: But no longer being used

Granfield: Rapid: why is wp touch no longer being used?

Aveline: Rapid: did this break when WP Touch stopped beign used?

Girardot: Its been a long time since its not used, just not paying for it

Lape: Because that would make the most sense to me

Tippen: Rapid: not paying for it doesnt mean its not being used

Filipovich: Rapid: please answer: how do you detect a “mobile” device?

Duenke: I was using the jetpack mobile

Longo: Rapid: the plugin is still installed and being used. You just arent updating it

Schaller: Rapid: WP Touch is still being used

Kienbaum: It was and is OK for what I need

Demopoulos: Filipovich: he is using WPTouch. it does the work for them

Filipovich: I see it in the list of styles

Kewanwytewa: Rapid: and again DO YOU HAVE ANY CACHING PLUGINS?!