Because if it doesn’t fix.

Manke: Rapid: thats the cause

Michelin: What do you mean that’s the cause? Ive had both ofthem for a long time and they worked fine 😮

Bero: WP Rocket is junk from what I have found

Bick: Doing lots of searching recently

Filipovich: Rapid: please disable wprocket and lets see if that fixes things.

Perry: Rapid: its caching a version of your site and it’s displaying the recent cached version. sometimes it will be desktop. sometimes not

Atcitty: Filipovich will agree with that

Gaeddert: Disable WP rocket, clear cache, and THEN try

Knowles: Rapid:

Sartin: Didn’t help, let me disable wp rocket

Bisard: What should I do if buddypress displays the correct value of a field on the front end of wordpress dashboard, but won’t recognize the value when using xprofile_get_field_data ?

Ferg: Rapid: also is that the ONLY cache plugin? Are you using cloudflare or anythng else?

Kitty: Cody123: what do you mean “wont recognize” ?

Filipovich: Rapid: if I got to other pages, some seem to be “mobile” and some “desktop”

Schiesser: Yep stern that is right

Puebla: Lindsay, now I remember

Outley: I recently installed Wordfence

Datamphay: Var_dump returns empty strings where there should be values

Guerrette: Wordfence has caching aswell right?

Filipovich: Rapid: The site has two IP addresses. ARe you using a front end proxy like cloudflare?

Filipovich: It’s not Wordfence; it’s the front end caching servers

Maslowsky: Mmm nop stern not using cloudflare

Scuderi: Cody123: sounds like you probably arent p***ng the right data to the function

Eschette: I have Locksite monitoring my site though if it has somethign to do with it

Filipovich: Disable ALL caching — check those front end servers

Bringhurst: It’s wierd, because some accounts, like my own admin will display the data for the field, but others do not. I’m p***ing xprofile_get_field_data ‘Field’, bp_get_member_user_id ;

Maltas: Within the member loop of buddypress

Palms: Cody123: did you do a dump of bp_get_member_user_id ?

Marchio: Cody123: also check the DB to make sure your field exists for users you are testing

Parmelee: I’m a backend noob. How do I check the DB :s

Cleath: Stern how to cehck those front end caching servers?

Fahnestock: Cody123: depends on your setup. if your server has phpmyadmin that would be the best way

Filipovich: I don’t know. It’s a service you signed up for. Who’s the provider?

Filipovich: No, those IP addresses do not belong to hostgator

Wischmann: Var_dump bp_get_member_user_id displays list of int555, so it appears to work. I don’t think I have phpmyadmin digital ocean +

Burres: SiteLock I guess stern ?

Schalow: Hostgator just gave me a chill

Rodriques: They belong to SiteLock?

Filipovich: Yup, and they do caching. login there and clear the cache

Mendel: Cody123: if you have digital ocean but dont know much about backend management, please tell me you have a sysadmin you can contact.

Ketchem: Nope. Their articles and serverpilot make setting things up pretty easy :

Tibolla: Cody123: setting up is about 1/4 the work needed to run a DO server

Tomopoulos: I was sick of the other shared hosts’ performance

Vandergriff: Stern, sitelock are doing the caching? so I can enable WP Rocket again and just contact SiteLock to fix it?

Filipovich: Rapid: turn of ALL caching and see if it fixes it. Do one thing ALL THE WAY.

Filipovich: Because if it doesn’t fix it, then you know you have to check a different path.