Codi: including the border.

Bodary: I only deleted stuff that is no longer there

Downton: IE the media player stuff

Noyer: Codi: well, did you just upload it as a new file? or did you replace it via FTP?

Coccia: Since it did not remove itself

Batters: Otherwise I leave it be

Willeto: Bu***and: uploaded as new, so I guess it would have created a new deriv.

Brandolino: Bu***and: Looks a little better, but not perfect.

Lefevers: Codi: have you verified the back is totally white?

Crompton: Codi: that there is no overlay or gradient?

Agnew: Yeah, from the source. their product renderings

Shimmin: Just draw a small square and fill it with pure white over the top of the supposed white background.

Dowler: Codi: well that doesnt prove that it’s actually white at all

Mondragon: White square matches perfectly and colour picker shows perfect white everywhere

Chieffo: Man I cant wait for my new GPU to come

Eggart: Codi: do a “color proof”

Damon: Codi: also can you provide a screswnshot of the image on top of “web white” background so I can see the difference?

Lasseigne: It the derivative image?

Muzzey: Codi: of the problem. whatever the problem is. take a screens hot of it

Barrile: Http://

Savaria: White: hex: #ffffff short: #fff hsl: hsl0,0,100 rgb: rgb255,255,255

Esterbrook: Codi: i dont see any difference

Strowe: Codi: what are you talking about?

Weekes: If you colour pick the image you’ll see a box around the image

Watson: Color pic the image? What do you mean?

Atchity: Http://

Boevers: The ****e inside the grey border is different than the white in the rest of the image

Proia: Codi: Please help us keep Orchard a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Moxey: Codi: what is the difference between this image and the image you just pasted?

Murano: Codi: because the FIRST one was all pure why

Vanderheyden: Codi: so what is the difference between them? What are you showing us

Brais: If you use an eyedropper tool on anything within the grey box, you’ll get variations on white

Donley: Codi: dude . i know. I am asking you why the first one you showed had NO difference and the second one did.

Bugarewicz: Codi: you aren’t describing what you are showing us AT ALL

Hallan: The first one did have a difference.

Krein: Codi: unless there is an area you specifically want me to test

Bianca: The area within the grey border is the actual image. all the other white within the screenshot i uploaded is pure white

Phong: Codi: between the edge of the image on the first and the white BG the colors are the same

Walth: Codi: here. The blue highlight is the border of the image. You can see the digital color meter show the same values when I move my cursor between those two

Whitaker: Not close enough to the actual image. which is why i uploaded the second one with the border

Karmel: Codi: so my question is. what are you showing us. What is the first image and what is the second image and why does the second one have a border? That makes it infintely hard to prove that the BG color doesn’t match the white.

Coop: Codi: so you’re saying the “off white” only exists close to the image? That is probably added there by the person who did the retouching / silouetting

Phillians: Codi: like i said. draw a square, fill it with white, and putit over the area you think isn’t white.

Musolf: Haha, it’s ok, thanks for your help

Kroetz: Codi: including the border just makes it more impossible to prove its not white