Predator? global hawk.

Showman: INSTEAD of using pre_get_posts that is

Zoellick: Sylla: i don’t know what that is actually, and only relevant thing there is is ‘invalid’

Drummonds: Sylla: can i disable that?

Babers: So. don’t use pre_get_posts

Sylla: Bombo: there should be several more lines in the debug array. The invalid message may be referring to the API key you’re using. To look into that you’d really need to send in an email.

Najera: Sylla: hmmm i deleted it, and now i don’t get a new debug.log

Sylla: Bombo: deleted what, exactly?

Lumpkins: Sylla: actually the whole wp dir, extracted a fresh one from latest.tar.gz

Dodwell: Sylla: imported the sql dump from the old install, edited wp-config.php to match the new login data etc. but all i get is a blank page

Galdo: I’m looking for a plugin to make me albums of photos

Arnaldo: LindsayM_: Another happy customer leaves the building :

Linsley: Now i deleted wp-content/plugins/akismet/ dir, but it didn’t help

Roesser: LindsayM_:does it make multiple albums?

Showman: Dopie: did you understand my suggestion earlier?

Salzl: Showman, going to try it

Fogerty: Album: google it. You can see all of the many things it can do

Backey: Do you know any other?

Dashner: Album: look at that one first. if it does what you need. good. otherwise, contine on

Chimal: Album: or google. google is your key to answers.

Delouise: Album: you know what you need in a plugin. google, search the plugin repo. the answers will present them to you

Haggerton: Im having some serious Mango withdrawl

Rettig: Anyone have a fav. simple artist portfolio theme thye like?

Bramblett: Anyone here use bower w/ wordpress?

Sara: Nahh. kind of seemed like overkill to me

Brach: Bero: sure, bower/npm/composer

Shah: Good for your themes/plugins

Amini: Sarver: see here’s the thing, our repo has the whole site in it + ***rant config and such, and our bower config is in the root

Wonderly: Do you know if it’s possible to have another bower config in a sub folder, like in a plugin’s folder?

Richoux: You should be able to nest them

Tipps: Off the top of anyone’s head, does anyone know why this produces a fatal error in PHP 5.3 but not newer?

Durelli: If !emptyget_field’footer_additional_links’, ‘option’

Barley: I’m guessing it’s something about functions in functions being handled differently, but I just wasted a lot of time locating the problem

Jeng: Rounds: once again, your google fu is for sh*t: Prior to PHP 5.5, empty only supports variables; anything else will result in a p**** error. In other words, the following will not work: emptytrim$name. Instead, use trim$name == false.

Baublitz: Ha; I did google it, but didn’t think to look for something particularly to do with empty.

Jeng: I googled “PHP empty”

Jeng: Because you don’t know how to google?

Sciarretta: Hmm wp autoupdated and now I can’t activate plugins

Gudiel: Yep confirmed stupid.

Jeng: Yup, one of those days. Just spent 1 minutes debugging why a form wasn’t sending an email. Did you know “.com” is not spelled “.cm”?

Laurenza: ARG. someone in the studio is upgrading firmware on the drone and its been sitting there beeping for like, 20 min. Its drilling into my skull with the constant beeping

Jeng: You have a drone? Cool.

Moerbe: Well, the STUDIO has a drone.

Cembura: But it apparently takes 20 minutes to update and it just beeps constantly during the 20 min

Taydus: The fact that its a 20 min. update is insane

Jeng: Predator? global hawk?