You can compute that table.

Agreste: Scrubfest, In javascript all values except false, 0 , “”, null, undefined and NaN are considered True

Mate: Torkable: ReferenceError: Vafiadis is not defined

Mate: Gillice: string ‘cheeky bastard’

Mate: Torkable: string ‘noob’

Boken: I wonder how the execution time limit is implemented

Mate: Boken: ReferenceError: java is not defined

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: Vafiadis is not defined

Mate: Vafiadis: string ‘jerkface’

Boken: Javascript = “this is stuff made to make webs do stuff”

Mate: Boken: string ‘this is stuff made to make webs do stuff’

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: javascript is not defined

Mate: Boken: ReferenceError: javascript is not defined

Hladik: Rurik, Vafiadis: That’s very good to know. Thank you for the help

Reiber: Var java = ‘better than javascript!’

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: java is not defined

Vafiadis: Don’t go too crazy with it though or people will get grouchy ;-

Sereda: Hello. Is it possible to drag the mouse continuously over a page and click it. Not click as do***ent.getElementById”x”.click. No, I mean really like window.mouse.position1,0; window.mouse.position2,0;. and then You see what I mean? Is that possible?

Retta: Torkable: making an effort today heh

Elvis: Asti: not really. i can think of a couple ways to fake it though, but it sounds like a bad idea tbh

Lecato: Why not trigger what you want clicked directly?

Tanniehill: Humm. okay. So how do you test clicking inside an iframe?

Gallego: Because it’s in an iframe

Survis: Then you have some coffee and come up with a new solution

Scruggs: No but the program is about the iframes

Hysell: Yea I hate iframes too

Vafiadis: Truthfully, any JS tests for the iframe should really just be about the interaction events you can have WITH the iframe. You’d want to mock the expected interface stuff you’d be getting through the iframe

Elvis: Iframes are the worst. 90% of the code that i write runs in an iframe and it’s an enormous headache. makes iOS support super annoying too since they’re so buggy on ios

Vafiadis: You COULD do what you want with an end-to-end test that uses webdriver

Vafiadis: But it seems unnecessary

Merkel: Hmm I hate running array methods on the same array inside eachother

Jeanpaul: Webdriver? I’ll check it out now.

Lipsitz: I need to come up with unique variable names

Elvis: I usally just do thing0 and thing1 for that.

Vafiadis: Webdriver is an API for working with Selenium to automate a browser

Elvis: And i think that’s pretty clear actually

Carpen: I feel like I should give them a more useful name than that

Ollivier: I’m looking into avoiding this situation all together

Elvis: What are you doing that is On2?

Elvis: Iterates over array within an iteration over the same array

Kalinoski: Sounds like OMath.pown, 2 to me

Busker: Tcsc: I have a huge array with bits of texts and coordinates. First I find the ‘first’ text in a row, find its y-coordinate, then go through the big array again to find items on that same ‘row’ y-coordinate

Vafiadis: Nah, I think it’s On * n

Elvis: If i understand it correctly

Elvis: You could just put things into buckets

Elvis: Are they always exactly the same y coordinate or is there fuzziness?

Auten: Tcsc: well not between do***ents

Elvis: You basically keep a table of { y coord: texts with this y coord }

Buckey: At least, I can’t rely on that

Elvis: You can compute that table in On