On 5.1.73, doing repetitive.

Deason: Http://blog.ulf-wendel.de/2014/mysql-5-7-http-plugin-mysql/

Inmon: Oh really? hmmm well i’m trying to add a database to support a piece of software i’m trying to use

Picerni: Xgc: Input username, clientId output accountId, p***, WhetherOrNotTheyLoggedInWithThatClientIdInThePast5Logins

Lambino: It uses java spring and jdbc, and has this line: property name=”url” value=”jdbc:mysql://localhost/oic” /

Deason: AMomchilov: normally you need an ip, port 3306, user, p***word, and database name

Scronce: TheMineBench: Let me help. Are you trying to say that you have a new clientId for some account that is logging in and you wish to see if that clientId exists in the last 5 logins? This current client login hasn’t been inserted yet.

Deason: AMomchilov: localhost means “default unix socket” not tcp

Deason: AMomchilov: eg the /tmp/mysql.sock unix socket

Broadrick: TheMineBench: See the sqlfiddle. Just use the last5 derived table and search for WHERE last5.clientId = 10; or whatever id you are searching for.

Deason: AMomchilov: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_domain_socket

Villalba: Xgc: However I want to join that with getting the account information

Mccane: TheMineBench: You can join any time you wish.

Reader: TheMineBench: last5 can return the accountId as well.

Siglin: Deason: where is this web interface do***ented ? :

Marx: TheMineBench: Just join with last5: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/4d13d/9

Andeson: Oh well yeah, I know what localhost is

Tumbleson: TheMineBench: SELECT . FROM SELECT . AS last5 JOIN accounts ON .

Kempner: I can already connect to my mysql db at localhost

Heller: It’s the “/oic” part that’s throwing me off

Deason: AMomchilov: that is a database name

Loseke: It seems like the sql database should be at a particular url that isn’t /

Intrieri: Xgc: I’m going to write something up real quick.

Woolwine: Is a schema == database?

Frothingham: TheMineBench: Just update that sqlfiddle.com example with any detail you wish. Add an accounts table, if you wish.

Deason: AMomchilov: in mysql, yes

Deason: Mwillbanks: i doubt it is do***ented

Guedry: Mwillbanks: See http://google.com/search?btnG=1&q=myhttp+site:dev.mysql.com

Yedinak: I made a test schema called “oic”. I also made an account with user/p*** = oic, with hostname set to %, role set to DBA everything checked, and all schema priveledges enabled for the schema “*” which was made for me through the GUI to allow all schemas

Elhadi: Yet connections are being refused

Feely: Is there anything I might be missing?

Bachinski: AMomchilov: if you’re going to wildcard hostnames you need to drop any anonymous mysql accounts

Woltz: Hah that’s a funny error

Bachinski: AMomchilov: ah, and if you’re going to insist on using a gui and not the mysql cli client, you should as #your_gui_client

Barnas: I thought MySQL workbench would be standard around here

Bruccoleri: AMomchilov: MySQL Workbench: http://mysql.com/products/tools/workbench/ it has its own chat channel #workbench

Grijalva: Guys, do i need to include the mysql-bin.index file as part of my binlog backup? i ***ume not, is that correct?

Dokken: If i do a PIT recovery , i don’t think i will need it

Deason: Pom999: you won’t need that, it changes constantly anyway every flush logs or max_binlog_size

Whelpley: Thanks Deason for the confirmation!

Yann: On 5.1.73, doing repetitive LOAD DATA INFILE into an InnoDB table. I’ve split some of the larger data into 100,000 row files, and disabled unique_checks for the inserts. each subsequent 100,000 rows of inserts is taking 20-30s longer, smells like an index issue, any advice? data is to be replicated for m***ive search volumes. http://pastie.org/10424361