Or do you not use varnish.

Nomura: WorldsEndless: what theme?

Zucco: Ohlinger: Theme I’m developing.

Evitt: Are they the built in widgets?

Gostlin: Ohlinger: Or rather, have been given control over.

Paisley: Ohlinger: They are widgets like “search” and “meta”

Skolfield: WorldsEndless: how did you force the widget selection in the sidebar in the first place?

Greenlow: WorldsEndless: or are they just fallbacks hardcoded in a sidebar.php type file?

Farnes: Hussey: Good question; I thought it was a default thing. Maybe it’s in the code somewhere

Malbaurn: Ohlinger: thanks it seems to work, althoug im a little miffed why :-S

Calfee: So it’s getting the default sidebar widgets ***igned to it

Kotaki: Darkdrgn2k: probably some ob settings on the prod server

Franssen: Either way, glad it works

Bravo: WorldsEndless: probably NOT actually ***igned widgets. Most likely coded into a sidebar.php type file . that would be my guess

Kinderknecht: Wait. hmm. its not working LOL

Serabia: Hmm. sidebar.php contains only ?php if is_active_sidebar’main-sidebar’ : ?

Furlough: Favalora: ask in #httpd, rewrite rules / rewritecond is what you’re after

Favalora: I guess i sort of got it

Furlough: If you can’t talk in there, talk to thumbs, ask him why you’re quieted or banned.

Furlough: If you can join, you’re most likely quieted which means you did something

Furlough: No one is auto quieted in there, it’s done manually

Beliz: Enough tv for tonight

Lame: I have a load-balanced wordpress cluster with nginx + varnish + hhvm in place of php. Varnish is sporadically caching pages with the sidebar div completely missing. Shot in the dark to you wordpress experts out there — any ideas why this might happen? I’m using the multi-varnish-http-purge plugin

Sulkowski: Kevinquinnyo: missing like there’s just no sidebar markup in the source?

Salters: There are some reasons that varnish might be being restarted / purged other than the above-mentioned plugin — my monitoring service will do it under certain cir***stances, but what i’m wondering is why the sidebar default sidebar with recent posts is not loading at certain times, then varnish seems to be caching it like that

Oberly: Jphase: once i restart varnish and it loads a fresh copy of the site, it fixes it and the sidebar loads

Spoden: And of course then varnish will cache a correct copy

Bumpas: But subsequent loads it’s sporadically missing?

Kemerling: No, it happens sporadically — i think it’s becuase varnish is being restarted and it has to re-cache, and when that happens, for whatever reason, the sidebar is blank

Andreassi: Kevinquinnyo: any chance your load balancing is going to a server that happens to have a different query result for your sidebar?

Vitantonio: Trying to figure out how that can be – despite all the moving parts in your setup

Lucis: I run the same thing on our stacks at work and never experienced any issues

Gneiser: Or, never issues like you’re describing that is hehe

Found: Jphase: all of them are replicated with percona-xtradb

Iacovissi: Kevinquinnyo: dig into that – it sounds like you’re out of sync somewhere

Farmer: That’s the source of the problem, varnish cache sounds like it’s doing its job actually

Briese: Just Kaneholani to cache :

Duel: It’s doing what it’s told

Buchar: Yeah it sounds like something in the synchronization of data is busted or irregular

States: Wish I could be of more help :

Sanks: I’ll look into the replication

Rosencrantz: Hey jphase before i go i’m curious, do you use the same plugin to clear varnish cache — the one i mentioned?

Jaquith: Or do you not use varnish at all in your setup