Cone: also tried creating a.

Mok: Im generating a curl command from javascript. how can i do that

Cone: All you got to do is: jQuery.slideShow;

Anello: Sorry, back. got dc’d.

Cone: Next might be better though as pointed out by falafel

Chaplen: Ok so how do i Rummell that on my page ?

Cone: On ready event: $function { $’selector’.slideShow4000, 4000, 1000};

Brechbill: I just cant seam to get that one to work

Cone: Is that a different markup or something?

Cone: The script don’t care about any selector

Cone: It will basically check the children of the selected item the only selector

Windrow: How do you get an svg to re-render after mutating it with the DOM?

Mt: Windrow: you return from the function handling the current event.

Fertal: I have that in my general.js file so that it will start it and its not

Suttin: There is no herocontent tag

Dittrick: How do i escape strings like this JSON?

Schaffhauser: I’m trying to genereate cURL commands from Js values

Ildefonso: For the user to copy/paste

Cone: He meant you got a bad selector

Bansmer: So i need to change that to say div.herocontent

Cone: It should be $’.herocontent’;

Suttin: JSON.stringify{code:’println”hi there”‘,language:”swift”}

Gerrero: Suttin: string ‘{“code”:”println”hi there””,”language”:”swift”}’

Suttin: JSON.stringifyJSON.stringify{code:’println”hi there”‘,language:”swift”}

Gerrero: Suttin: string ‘”{“code”:”println”hi there””,”language”:”swift”}”‘

Fogelson: I wouldn’t trust that.

Vogland: What node object is used to manipulate an element before inserting into the DOM?

Andren: Yeah, yo ureally shouldn’t trust that.

Thornock: If it has a $ in it for example.

Pluck: You should probably use single quotes.

Mcnolty: I have an ajax script grabbing a table from another page and need to p*** the table element from ajax into a jsonify function that converts it into a JSON object.

Boock: Currently it only works by appending the ajaxed table into the DOM and then p***ing it to the jsonify function

Gerrero: Tejasmanohar: string ”{“code”:”println”hi there””,”language”:”swift”}”

Ing: Kind of confusing there because Gerrero adds another encoding around the output.

Cone: PyC***o, i made a toJson function for table elements but work with thead and tbody

Suttin: You need to send it inside a textarea

Cone: Http://

Windrow: Jude: how would that be done in a requestAnimationFrame callback?

Cone: That’s what you were looking for?

Loaiza: Windrow: return from the callback.

Wingett: Windrow: you don’t explicitly request redraws of the DOM.

Occhipinti: Windrow: the redraws happen when you’re not doing anything.

Chevis: Cone: if i were loading the table via ajax how would you convert into JSON object without first adding it to the DOM?

Cone: You don’t need to append it, but you can p**** it into dom elements

Cone: I think you can just p*** the string to a jquery object and will do that for you

Cone: Otherwise is looking around the string for the values.

Langmo: Does anyone know of a wall close by i can run my face into ?

Vitez: Ok so my other css is running with this

Goonez: Cone: using $ajaxresult.jsonify returns empty array

Grahovac: Causing me to not be able to see it like at all

Ricci: Cone: also tried creating a new dom element via p****r