Ok now am i able to add.

Olivas: Var newdom = p****r.p****FromStringresults, ‘text/xml’.firstChild;

Cone: Is ajaxresult just the table markup?

Oleksiak: And then calling $newdom.jsonify but returns undefined

Suttin: You can’t JSON stringify a node

Cone: It’s probably a custom function that read some node elements and build up a JS object

Ursua: Cone: correct. calling $newdom.jsonify returns ‘jsonify’ is not a function

Giere: Correction it returns newdom.jsonify is not a function

Cone: Well it works for me:

Cone: Https://jsfiddle.net/3vL6hry9/

Cone: There’s no jsonify function for jquery

Cone: So i am ***uming that’s your function

Handerson: Anyone familiar with a premed script that will allow me to create a menu like this one? http://www.schonmagazine.com/ sticky, mobile friendly and all?

Tote: Cone: your example doesn’t use ajax

Cone: As long as your ajax result is valid table markup then it can be p****d

Cone: My json function do take into consideration a specific table markup

Cone: I’m ***uming yours would too

Alberding: Right. the markup im using doesn’t have table head

Huges: But nevertheless if you were to grab the table via ajax would it work?

Cone: I wonder if there’s any pastebin with CORS enabled?

Manvel: So its fading them out but displaying them all when the page loads

Teteak: The fadein funtion isnot working

Cone: Krambal, i also made some changes on your css markup

Bagi: When on ge.tt you click and a file open dialog box comes up, what language is that?

Bagi: On here http://ge.tt/

Balassi: Bagi: I’ll let you give me the answer

Suttin: Http://jsfiddle.net/progysm/p35eggpn/

Malakan: Cone: im working on a plunker

Bagi: Rcyr: I don’t know enough javascript and html to know

Rimbey: Why would you ever write “Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.callobj, prop” instead of just “obj.hasOwnPropertyprop”? e.g. – the polyfill on https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/defineProperties

Bagi: I’m guessing maybe it’s an HTML5 element

Jacquin: Http://pastebin.com/Qt8zdBFC

Peels: It is now hiding stuff above the herocontent div lol

Bagi: Riobe: well, why shouldn’t you be able to use call there ?

Bagi: Riobe: even if it is pointless

Kirschke: Riobe: because Object.prototype and obj are, supposedly, two different objects. And you’re interested in the function that’s stored on the first object, not the latter if anyone adds a ‘hasOwnProperty’ to the latter object, or if it doesn’t inherit from Object.prototype

Ortner: Bagi, My question is why write it out longform if it’s pointlesss

Pocai: So, Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.callob, prop guarantees that you’re always going to get *that* function, regardless of what obj is.

Amadi: Hameen, I didn’t think of the possibility that someone could add their own hasOwnProperty. That explains it. Thanks. .

Suttin: Var o = Object.createnull; o.hasOwnProperty’bla’;

Gerrero: Suttin: TypeError: o.hasOwnProperty is not a function

Hongach: Suttin, Also didn’t expect that one. Thanks for the example.

Cartee: Yaya i got it to work

Bagi: Hameen: but if you’re interested in the function on the first object them why not Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty? And if you’re interested in the function on the second object, then why not obj.hasOwnProperty?

Balles: Var a = 1, b = 1; b.__proto__ = null; a.hasOwnProperty, b.hasOwnProperty // also

Gerrero: Hameen: object function hasOwnProperty, undefined

Weglage: Ok now am i able to add onto the function ?