Opsec: that makes me very.

Camren: Everything goes through, it creates the pages and posts exactly as I want it to

Ashbaugh: Except for the post_name

Nazzise: Post_name gets overridden by a urlencoded version of the title

Cessor: I’ve stepped through with xdebug to ensure I am creating and sending the post_name field as expected

Buczko: Gremlyn: so post_name is tghe right content but it’s urlencoded?

Guiterez: Gremlyn: you want post_title I thin. post_name is the slug IIRC

Lindall: I make sure that it is urlecoded before I send it through

Nagode: Yeah that’s what I want to set

Devaughn: What I send through for post_name is not the same as the slug when the post is created

Stathos: Can you give me a real-data example of what your goal result is versus what the actual result is

Strelecki: It’s pretty simple really, if I give a post the title of ‘San Diego is a Great City’ and a post_name of ‘san-diego’, the post’s slug should be ‘san-diego’, but instead I get ‘san-diego-is-a-great-city’

Chernak: I think I made a mistake. I created a menu and added some links to it. One page has 2 links and another has 3. I think I made a mistake when I was creating it. I was wanting all links available on all pages the menu is present.

Vattikuti: If you want to see it Scavotto, then take a look here

Racer: Https://kiomedia1.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.com/california/san-diego-county/san-diego-professional-liability/

Mestrovich: Gremlyn: just to give me the idea of the data flow. when you create post content to be distributed, do you create the post in a “main” wordpres install and the broadcast it out and the receiving sites are where the post name and slug are getting confused?

Armwood: That last slug matches the page title, when it should match ‘san-diego’, which is what I sent through

Radvany: How do you guys use a single WP install to run your multiple sites? I was using WordPress MU Domain Mapping but it will no longer be supported

Witherington: Gremlyn: and testing the value of $record-getName outputs the expected content, right?

Hibdon: Gegagome: what do you mean

Mun: Gegagome: wordpress multisite is still a thing. and domain mapping is always available for multisite installs

Telle: Scavotto, I build the data in that $page_params array I pasted earlier, and use curl and the xml rpc api to push the content to the site it needs to be on

Kilmon: Gegagome: right but the originator of the post is WordPress, correct?

Andalora: Scavotto, correct, I’ve verified that all the data in the $page_params array is correct prior to submitting it

Cohagan: Not sure what you me?

Carreira: Scavotto: suppose you have three or more WP sites in your server, how do you run the WP installs, each per site?

Demuth: I don’t create the post in WP and then send it to the final destination WP sites, I directly connect to where I want to create the post and push the data over there

Lokan: You can manage them all with iwp

Schwenck: Opsec: Google result for infinite wordpresshttps://infinitewp.com/

Barbour: Gremlyn: but where is the data originating?

Pacholski: LindsdayMac: one of the contributors suggested there won’t be any more development for it

Shimmin: Gremlyn: is it just some array you have from some other location?

Buhoveckey: Which is where that array is built

Slader: Gremlyn: ok. thats what i was trying to get at

Hallee: I have a symfony service that build the content as needed, and then another service that posts the content to WP

Sidney: Scavotto: https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/support/topic/customizer-not-loading-for-domain-mapped-sub-sites

Wootan: Scavotto: please correct me if I am wrong

Lokan: No, there won’t be a new release of the plugin. You are going to be able to do the equivalent of domain mapping in WP 4.4 without a plugin.

Bourquin: Opsec: that makes me very sad, because I don’t know what to do until 4.4