Petralba: They evern show.

Ax: So it takes up less space by not making line breaks

Stalvey: Yeah i suppose it can be a problem with the limitations of browser

Plemel: Overall though, the wordpress editor ****s

Skowyra: You can just edit the files yourself with your own editor

Parmantier: And upload themb ack to your server

Flair: But why would pasting from that editor f*ck it all up in notepadd++?

Fietek: Not sure brother, nobody uses any of those things really

Colter: Sure ill go buy whatever program u think i should buy just to write some links :p

Beth: Who said anything about buy

Petrovits: Why centering an text vertically is always hard

Pults: Http://

Deyoung: Petralba: thx but why didn’t vertical align work?

Oriordan: Yesterday i was trying to help a friend fix her website menu issue, but the site went down. so i am now trying to put the custom menu option in her old custom theme someone did for her. I did that, i believe properly since the menu is showing up in the header. i have no removed the old code yet for the old menu, but want the new menu to be styled the same way as the old menu. This way she can edit the menu without goi

Jenson: Btw I want it to stay in center even if I change the height later. can we use 50% instead of 150px ?

Gearon: Going into the code, can someone help me fix the style to mimic the old menu?

Woltmann: Azjo: sublime text 3, vim and emacs are free editor vim and emacs being open-source and they’re really great tools

Younge: Wowk: vertical-align with css doesnt mean what you think it means

Bouley: Its the vertical alignment of text on the baseline

Guyll: Not based on the containing element

Wermter: Wowk: if its a varied height then there are other things you have to do

Selfe: Petralba, CSS Vertical Center: Tutorial: Examples:

Brafford: What extra css would you use for forms?

Cavendish: You know, bettering form fields?

Calvillo: Hashtag_: Bootstrap makes pretty forms

Dura: Calvillo: what is with foundation?

Wiece: Anyone know how I can have a grid of boxes within a container that has a set height and using flex having these boxes aligned on the space?

Dudleson: Which service do I use to give you an example?

Santistevan: For whatever reason whatever I do the boxes grid goes out of height so half of them aren’t visible in this set height. What I’d want is for them to act like nowrap but being wrap.

Calvillo: Undrinkablesoup: jsfiddle

Calvillo: Hashtag_: Bootstrap Foundation

Marceaux: Okay, I have made a minimal example of my problem: I’m trying to make the “ME” boxes appear *to the left of the table*, when hovering over either them or the first td in each row, with 8px between its right edge and the left edge of the table.

Santoriella: Bah why doesnt firefox support clip-path

Cacy: Firefox only supports anything that can allow Mozilla to show more ads and spy more on their users.

Dautrich: How to i put a legit tab/indention? so when someone copys and pastes the text from the web site its not just 8 spaces

Kirkeby: TechMonger: Afaik, it’s not possible.

Digerolamo: Undrinkablesoup: that doesnt sound like some bitter half brained paranoid ***umption or anything

Veneman: If you put a tab in, it’s a tab

Veneman: No, an actual tab character

Trentham: Petralba: They evern show ads now when you open new tabs.