What were you hoping for.

Reineck: Diamonds: you could probably use casperjs for that, it uses phantomjs which is a headless browser browser which doesn’t have a GUI

Hanemann: Ty zomg ! looks like that might be the ticket

Deardurff: Okay so in what situation would this occur

Woiwode: Http://pastebin.com/FjXVyM3a

Luminati: Console.logobject doesn’t return a snapshot of the current object

Ridlen: That is even more radically confusing

Keaty: Zomg: casper docs said use spooky . . . spooky example doesn’t do anything or error :

Save: I’m surprised there’s not a more straightforward solution for this

Jame: Why are the majority of people in ##php just out to start arguements?

Deturenne: Yet another phantom wrapper

Declark: Abec: welcome to discussion lol

Rymasz: Supporters of PHP are ****ing stupid!

Hatchet: Well that may have something to do with it lol

Michavd: Anyone I have worked with at an agency who is old LOVES php and hates anything “new”

Sumbera: Its like they use the “its only a year old” excuse to block their inability to learn anymore

Garroutte: Doesn’t javascript execute statements in a linear way ?

Garroutte: Like from left to right or up to down

Bergren: Abec: let’s not insult people here for liking some technology and being averse to anything else :

Gleaves: Hey guys, i am using a $getJSON to get information from a website, i cant find where in the web inspector tools for firefox to list call and response from the website, I used to know where it is, but i cant find it, i thought it was under network?

Danyow: Is this not something you all notice as well?

Buckwald: Abec: I’m specifically referring to the “supporters of PHP are ****ing stupid!” which was fairly unnecessary.

Codeluppi: I agree but I’m done with that attitude

Hindle: Garroutte: js is front to back

Cheshire: It’s from the windows, to the walls

Moultry: Garroutte: yes, JS is a synchronous language, with applicative-order, top-down evaluation semantics.

Klepacz: Alright well spooky JS seems completely no-working :

Suddeth: Tests don’t run, example doesn’t run

Freire: Garroutte: many JS environments provide asynchronous operations, though, which kiiiiiinda changes how you’d reason about your program’s execution

Beasmore: Do you have phantomjs installed?

Orlove: Diamonds: like, phantomjs is not just a js module

Leeder: Its a program you need to have installed

Esmay: And then js can use it

Giannattasio: Torkable: http://hastebin.com/raw/aqirefadek

Cleland: Anyone ever learn Outlaw Techno Psycho*****

Kazabi: The programming language

Longwell: Diamonds: just checking, super common problem :

Lipinski: Torkable: can’t get it to run anything however

Hershman: Been a super long time since I messed with phantom

Warm: Did you install it in a non-default place

Westmoreland: Rolps https://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/issues/12900

Bicking: Could the js module be looking for it in the wrong place

Paluck: Diamonds: those posts are from like 8 months ago

Bintner: Nucleartide: I only know the other kind of OTP

Coiro: Torkable: well I’m encountering that exact issue fwiw

Bamba: Nucleartide: this kind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tc7MH5ZXbg

Kosofsky: That’s basically my theme song 😀

Boken: How do you transform “import Router from ‘react-router’; var Route = Router.Route” into ES6?

Panias: Boken: isn’t that already ES6?

Benkosky: What were you hoping for the second part?