Oh my your development.

Lauriano: Siddharth030: https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/piechart

Luckett: Kenshino__: Wishlist member

Simpson: Should have used Woothemes’ WooCommerce Wishlist :

Moman: Wishlist member is not a “wishlist”, it’s an ACL system basically

Pickel: I wouldn’t use that either :X

Stringfield: I’d go S2 Member / PressPermit / code my own

Scurti: It was supposed to speed things up by being premade, but that rarely becomes so.

Planas: Hemrich: wil lthat work in wordpress

Carle: I believe we used S2 member before, and I believe it couldn’t deliver everything the client needed either

Slowey: Siddharth030: Of course it will, just make a plugin or add it directly to the template

Onorati: I want to create 3d gl*** like chart

Whiley: Kenshino__: And how long would you estimate it would take to code your own? There is a lot of stuff hidden you can’t see from just checking their website. Lots of functionality

Cleere: My point is, many clients wants a set price. Building something big like that from scratch is very hard to estimate and if it gets too expensive they’ll just decline.

Woodberry: Hemrich: I don’t know, when I get a client that needs that, I’ll think about it :

Hawbaker: And also, I don’t do set prices

Barks: I understand their needs and I quote accordingly

Demery: Kenshino__: Yeah, depends on the client, we do have a few clients who demands set prices though. But we usually write a spec then. Anything extra will cost extra or go at an hourly rate.

Antich: And of course we can’t set a set price for something which can’t be estimated.

Sain: I don’t do set prices :

Saran: If they want that, they can feel free to find some other guy to do it

Loepp: I should tell my boss to be that strict as well 😛 but he is too kind to clients

Wamble: Helps that I make that decision :

Thiemann: I want to using syndication. Can I use syndication under spec page?

Sayegh: I mean. I installed feedworpress plugin. I want to show entry published another blogusing rss with feedwordpress

Topalian: Looking for video plug in to create nice video gallery

Merryweather: Http://eastwestherzliya.com/

Home: Http://eastwestherzliya.com/east-west-center-at-raananas-white-nights-fair/

Pezzuti: I see / can find multiple plugins for adding images for categories / sub categories.

Pezzuti: Is there a default way to enable this as well forc categories? Alike: add_theme_support ‘post-thumbnails’ ;

Lorin: Hello guys. I’d like to have a local wp install on two computers linux/win7. Is it possible to seamlessly sync the two? I’ve install xampp on both systems and thought maybe i could just sync some folders via spideroak. I’m just not sure if it works and what exact folders I should sync. any thoughts?

Panelli: Do you want to sync once or keep it synced?

Genera: Hemrich: with roots.io should i start with bedrock, then add trellis & then sage ? is that the right order

Panelli: That’s complicated, as you also need to keep the database synced. I don’t have a solution for that.

Vanabel: Why don’t you just remotely develop and get a VPS

Pistone: Synchonising 2 wp installs = usually pointless

Panelli: That wasn’t his question though :

Navan: I’d just like to keep it as private as possible while still working on two different computers

Cicione: You can p***word protect your VPS or whatever

Drone: For sync you can use linux cron and script and wp cli

Bruder: And to be independent of the internet

Schuttler: Fujihara well, occasional internet access or usb drive

Poulisse: Oh my your development process is gonna **** but I imagine you can use those USB drive Linux based systems and then run it only as a SQL server