Nodist: thanks i got it to.

Rama: Would it make more sense to use something like semantic-ui for the frontend ui, or reactjs? if you can also explain the advantages of whichever, that would be Amezcua.

Staubin: You want to use do***ent.createElement add an on click and append to the html

Dekine: The problem is the “preview” of the tiles.

Dressman: Nodist: are you there?

Kumro: Yeah its a lot, im looking

Silverman: Hm? is this the wrong channel to discuss frontend dev? :/

Geml: I guess its possible. isnt that what react.js is?

Mcgarry: Supay: o.o I haven’t heard of it :/ taking a look at it right now.

Walley: Supay, semantic ui is for quickly building web sties, react is for building complex web applications that are maintainable long term

Lagrotta: You could use them together, but you have to wrap the semantic ui stuff in react components

Bartolomeo: GreenJello: What about for web applications, I’m currently building web-based games like jigsaw puzzles.

Kindberg: GreenJello: ah, i see. and i can use react as the ‘View’ part in an MVC framework?

Fridge: Such as in conjugation with angular?

Holom: You can, but react and angular don’t get along

Forth: A lot of people just use react and other libraries to build applications

Janszen: Can react do the MV parts as well?

Guier: It would be helpful if there was a list with such information :

Kullas: No frameworks; the best use of react is when you need full control; it takes longer to get started with but pays off in the medium to long term

Minturn: So difficult for newbies to get the right technologies installed and begin the learning process i prefer to learn actively, as in, as i code

Checa: Interesting. very interesting. i guess ill just have to get react and try it out to see what is possible with it.

Odell: Supay, a good setup is react, webpack, reflux, superagent

Sons: Btw, i might be comparing apples with oranges here. but if i want to make a decent sized, scalable web-application would you suggest i go with angular or react and the set you just mentioned?

Styles: Supay, do you want control and maintainability or a faster MVP that you might have to rewrite later on?

Mckale: Javascript278 you there I added a timeout at the begining but Im not going to take the time to add a button

Gildroy: Javascript278 here is the updated function

Pruette: Nodist: i’m taking a look

Holtzman: Nodist: you select all the inner, and gave them flipped cl***

Bishoff: Interesting, i was trying this earlier and i just couldn’t get it.

Sabellico: But I only did it for 5s though

Terrey: Nodist: i tried to createlement

Humes: This.gameButton = do***ent.createElement”button”;

Lassiter: How do I get the button

Quale: Eg do***ent.getElementByIdid.appnedChildthis.gameButton

Pardun: Var x = do***ent.createElement”BUTTON”; var t = do***ent.createTextNode”Click me”; x.appendChildt; do***ent.body.appendChildx;

Vogds: You don’t need the do***ent part

Maslanka: Lol wait I read it wrong

Melbert: You don’t need the text node

Haque: So i just remove tht and it will work?

Akal: Btw the code you sent me, why did you need the var self = this;

Purtle: Why even initialise self when you didnt use it?

Logosso: Var but = do***ent.createElement’button’;

Dietsche: But.textContent = ‘Hello’;

Givant: Do***ent.body.appendChildbut;

Mate: Nodist: Promise – JavaScript MDN

Mcgurie: Nodist: thanks i got it to work!