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Drone: We are talking about sync not backup right ?

Kerney: I think he just wants to alternate development on 2 computers and wants the db to be the same

Oveson: Kenshino__, you got it right

Panelli: How do you go for the database, Jon?

Rusconi: The easiest is to just develop remotely but he doesn’t want that for some reason. Maybe internet access is an issue

Arreaga: Panelli: I develop remotely

Ellias: I boot up Linodes as and when needed

Panelli: I meant how do you keep database synched? synchronising folders isn’t that much of a h***le.

Odea: Why would I? the remote server holds both files and the database and I access it like how I would a normal website

Drone: I don’t think there is way to SYNC 2 way sync db

Growden: I don’t bother trying to sync dbs

Panelli: You could use rsync to keep folders synchronised

Manoso: My IDE keeps my local files in sync with the remote server

Panelli: Hence I said I don’t have a solution

Drone: You can use same db for two sites is one way

Roder: There isn’t a need for a solution to stupid implementations :

Panelli: Well … you ain’t answering the question though, dangit!

Demorrett: But I imagine you can use those USB drive Linux based systems and then run it only as a SQL server

Reina: Kenshino__, so what do i do when I’m on my win computer?

Panelli: It’s also not only about keeping the database synched – you also want different absolute paths for each installation

Brawley: Bandobun: Duplicator – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/duplicator/

Panelli: That tool makes cloning the website easy

Calendine: Zyxep: To me it looks like Trellis – Bedrock – Sage

Versteegh: Bandobun: It’s really just not gonna work out. If you really want to, you have to make a backup each time you change computers

Rolseth: Trellis is the server, you need that first, Bedrock is wordpress basically, then Sage is the theme in wordpress

Hilo: Is there a reason why you insist working in such a manner?

Drone: I don’t see any other way to sync

Larko: Kenshino__, i’m sometimes only able to work on one of the computers, but i’d still like to keep working on the same thing. the site is meant to be completely private

Beardmore: Yes so, why not get a cheap VPS, develop remotely on it and lock it with a p***word

Pedraza: You can use 50 computers if you want

Mcquaid: Bandobun: Registered Users Only – https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/registered-users-only/

Drone: Digital ocean offers 5$ hosting

Wasyliszyn: Interesting.i’ll think about that. thanks a lot

Drone: Works great. if you were/are student github student gives you 100$

Berlandy: I’ve been saying that since the start

Curpupoz: Kenshino__, my thanks extends to everyone who answered me :

Cwiek: Bitbucket for free private repo then use ***rant or something

Blanchet: It’s not versioning that’s the problem

Mangiaracina: It’s two different machines that is

Pooser: No it’s the db that’s the issue

Burbach: Bitbucket won’t help jack with that

Ryal: Yeah stupid idea, so much manual work

Beaugard: Just develop on a vps

Blacklock: And you really shouldn’t have real data while developing, should be seeded data from a seed file

Christenbury: But then again, depends on the context.

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