Nak: yea. i’m irritated by.

Masaitis: Bu***and if i replace the main content with the widget, i no longer have a need for the main wp_query to run

Almeter: You just generically said “a widget”

Hawksley: Ok well now we understand one another

Schaf: Sorry for miscommunications

Escort: Nak: yea. thanks to my prodding you for useful information.

Aughe: Can i stop the main wp_query?

Horikoshi: Nak: literally all you have to do is create a UI where the site admin sets their “featured” term

Filipovich: Nak: you might create a front-page.php for the theme and write your own code therein, which would include the PHP to find the “featured term” and list whatever

Hermanson: Nak: then you use that featured term in the pre_get_posts

Mcenery: Filipovich: no. thats the opposite of what i’m saying

Grisson: Filipovich: also he needs the featured tag to weight all posts across all lists

Zwiefel: Filipovich: looks nice

Kolkowski: Winland are you an admin in this channel ?

Eisentrout: Aelevadoan: ive used this one***entation/calendars/

Filipovich: Well, you guys have fun. I just discovered we’re out of cat litter and that’s a level 1, “red alert” emergency.

Hilsinger: Bu***and, Winland chimed in earlier with a gender biased remark and I was wondering if there’s an official code of conduct in this channel ?

Filipovich: Opsec: and the pet supply store is next to TJs, so I’ll let you know if the grahams are back.

Tassoni: Nak: so you’ve moved on from my suggestions already? nice.

Cheshire: Nak: I’m getting kinda tired of your behavior, consider this your final warning, stop trolling now

Crist: Winland i was being serious

Crisp: I got asked to create a 1pager in 2 languages, with a photo gallery and some posts and a contact form. . I have no idea what I should ask for that $$$ it’s a custom theme from scratch a 1 pager.

Savaria: Filipovich: they won’t be.

Blowe: Winland that’s not the first time someone has called me a guy in this channel

Romo: Nak: are you serious right now/

Mcfarlen: Bu***and we became disconnected again because you suggested that some php code front-page.php could include some code about the “featured term”, but that’s just not possible because any PHP i write has no awareness of a specific tax/term that the client created

Cilva: Nak: I am all for unbiasing language in tech industries but the colloquialism of ‘hey guys’ is hardly something to get bent about. especially when you’re being purposefully flippant about actually receiving help in here.

Savaria: Nak:

Dielman: Nak: I DIDNT SAY THAT!

Mckenny: I am building a widget that can perform wp_query’s on its own based on tax,term,sort etc

Catacun: Nak: that wasnt me that said that.

Savaria: I’m not your guy, buddy!

Huor: Nak: you should not be building a widget . period

Dini: Anyone have suggestions on a wordpress invoicing plugin or API that’s easy to work with. I’m looking to have customers order a services/products then get billed at X amount or end of month. So a membership plugin won’t work and I’m looking for them to be able to just use the service and it automatically logs the item in the invoice

Woodberry: Nak: you need to cool your jets and figure out how to actually use discussion to receive help instead of being inflammatory and stubborn

Crisp: Someone a suggestion for me?

Bolliger: Bu***and you need to stop projecting emotions on me

Glickman: When have i been inflammatory

Stancill: Nak: you’re failing hardcore at this “getting helped” thing

Radon: It’s not rude to say this, but it’s possible you’re just being irritable

Burggraf: Nak: yea. i’m irritated by a ****ling little Milnik in my shoe called nak right now