Nak: yea. and you stuck.

Desir: Yeah i we’re just miscommunicating

Arzaga: I’m not stupidly stubborn and i don’t have an attitude .

Kohut: Relax we’re just not understanding one another

Jamar: Remember: /ignore is a thing

Marquette: Nak: you;re literally arguing every single thing I say to you without any basis for your debate. So you either have to be CLEAR about your use case oir just do what you clearly want to do anyways

Waterworth: Bu***and i would like to prevent wordpress from running the default wp_query

Saliba: Nak: either way, there is no reason to make a new query to overrite an existing one when you can simply alter the query based on any conditionals you want including custom arguments

Castellucci: Nak: and thats a bad idea and you have no real reason why that needs to be done

Mcglone: Nak: you can simply alter the main query to do whatever you want

Fleshner: And unless you give a valid use case, then thats the only direction I’m going here

Hembre: Recommendations on calendar plugins?

Kilbourne: Aelevadoan: what kind of calendar? events calendar? post calendar?

Timlin: Aelevadoan: and what functionality do you need?

Filipovich: Aelevadoan: do you want free? and do you need repeating events?

Wool: Bu***and ok imagine this scenario. the client uses a plugin to create a custom taxonomy “flag” and attaches the “featured” flag to a couple of posts in the “foo” category. now when a visitor goes to, how can we adjust the main query such that the foo posts with the “featured” flag are listed first? the remaining posts can be put in date descending order

Haldane: Free, some events will be repeated in time because they are workshops

Lutes: Rss sync would be nice

Filipovich: I use either all-in-one-events-calendar or the-events-calendar. The first allows repeating events int the free version

Schmick: And import/export option

Sieminski: Nak: using pre_get_posts

Demallie: Bu***and the “problem” here is that there’s no amount of PHP coding i can do for this because the PHP doesn’t know that the custom taxonomy “flag” exists, nor does it know that the “featured” flag exists, nor does it know how it should behave because it’s all stuff that the client created .

Filipovich: Aelevadoan: see — it’s all in one events calendar

Vandertuig: Filipovich: let me see

Racz: Nak: php can CHECK if the flag exists.

Scheirman: Bu***and yeah ok, how? I built the theme and shipped it to the client. Then the client created the tag. What am I supposed to do, go back and edit the PHP to check for a client-created tag?

Slingland: Nak: first, your semantics are off. first you say the client created the tag, then you say the client created the taxonommy.

Heartz: Either you’re giving the client the ability to create a term for a taxonomy or an ENTIRE taxonomy

Catania: I think the idea is that the client creates firstly a taxonomy, then a tax within that taxonomy.

Razor: Pokk: you mean a term within the taxonomy.

Rosol: Bu***and i can allow them to organize their content however they want

Yetsko: Nak: then you simply make a UI for them to set whatever term they want as their “featured” term.

Burdsall: So the theme has no awareness of *specific* taxonomies or terms that may or may not exist

Pribble: Nak: I think the simplest solution would be to create a an admin panel for this where the client can pick between all taxonomies and all term within those taxonomies

Mamaclay: Nak: the same way you would with a widget.

Verbilla: Your widget would reqwuire a way for the admin to set a certain term as a “featured” term

Greenhalge: Bu***and OK now we’re getting somewhere. that is exactly what i intend to do. remember what i started saying? “i want to replace the main content with a widget”

Garrigus: Nak: yea. and you stuck with that for no real reason