AbuDhar: that sounds like a.

Callens: Bu***and for christ’s sake, i’m not foreign to helping people on the internet

Kandarian: I have a 20K rep on stackoverflow

Savaria: I have irritable bowel syndrome self diagnosed, does that count?

Blais: Nak: i was willing to stick it out and probe to get your REAL problem and use case. then I stuck it out further to continue to give you input. then you just got literally help-less.

Mcnay: I have irritable brain syndrome. my brain gets irritated by stupidity and stubbornness paired with a lack of communication skills

Sheff: You’re all being kinda rude right now

Macmillan: How about we all take 5, go have some fresh air, a cup of coffee or tea!

Bumbalo: Winland you’ll note i haven’t made a single combative remark

Kososky: I only want to see support stuff in there. take your quarrels to a private avenue

Crisp: Custom WordPress Theme: $3,000-$6,000 for design and development

Marioni: I charge more than that

Crisp: I don’t on my freelance base

Mousser: Probably not the best topic for this room in general .

Crisp: I really have no idea where to ask it elsewhere.

Crisp: That’s not an discussion channel.

Savaria: Dumez: does your theme come with sharks who have laser beams on their heads?

Loera: Is the correct name of it

Oland: Filipovich: can I use openstreetmaps instead of google maps?

Crisp: Opsec it’s just a 1 pager, few sliders, few divs, contact form, some css anmiations etc etc all content is editable by the user.

Crisp: So I have to implement some localization.

Marcotte: Winland: are you good at rewrite rules?

Savaria: Dumez: i want sharks, laser beams. possible?

Maruyama: Aelevadoan: look at the plugin docs.

Crisp: Yes but not asked this time 😀

Mellow: Aelevadoan: AbuDhar: don’t ping people directly without a really good reason

Letze: Aelevadoan: asking people who a suggested a plugin what features the plugin has isn’t good manners

Mellow: AbuDhar: it’s a bit aggressive and demanding

Dolbee: Mpol: he can choose not to answer as he does

Brouse: Ok I will take that in mind

Mellow: AbuDhar: you are fighting this suggestion?

Mongiovi: Aelevadoan: if google can answer your question, google it first before asking

Mellow: Aelevadoan: no problem

Toppa: Fighting a suggestion ? 😀 nah

Zehner: But I will kick your ***

Rennaker: AbuDhar: being pinged constantly by someone is obnoxious. it is as if the person is expecting one on one support.

Strandberg: I am not pinging someone constantly

Mochizuki: I have pinged him one time?

Dardy: AbuDhar: no one said you were. it was pointed out to aelevadoan not you

Mellow: Bu***and: yes, at both. but he is now in my ignore list, though that might not mean much to him

Desautels: AbuDhar: or i suppose you too. just ask a question. dont ask a specific person a question

Shelburne: I’d like theme suggestions for my website, specifically colors for optional borders, siebar background if any and font faces to make the site look better.

Erker: AbuDhar: unless that person is actively in a conversation about the topics.

Shelburne: Private me for web address.

Leebrick: I am asking how I can append html to my urls if they contain a certain word :

Birak: Shelburne: see #css or #design

Calender: AbuDhar: then ask that. No need to ping someone specifically with your question about what they know about

Scordo: Shelburne: this isnt a discussion for this room

Hockaday: AbuDhar: that sounds like a wonky hack to make something work.