Naery: ignore the first.

Serb: Not surprising he works in city planning.

Bahr: Buddyq: custom plugin?

Mccament: All hail the effeciency of city planning

Bahr: Buddyq: the add_shortcode for your shortcode isn’t being called

Ung: Hi, i’ve just started on my first wordpress-project and going to build a simple site. My frontpage will consist of 4 sections + header and footer: slideshow, 3 featured articles, 3 news, 9 customer reviews. Being clueless on how to structure wp-pages im looking for some advice here. Been reading up a bit, and my thought was to have each of those 4 sections as a template_part, that i include in my home.php. Then my temp

Poat: Late_parts news, for example would in turn include another template-part for each post each news etc. Is that a proper way to build a secion-based frontpage?

Standrod: Superhans: you dont want to include template parts in template parts. That just gets wonky

Gotwalt: Superhans: you can make functions you can reference just like any php powered site for things like custom loops, etc. and store those functins in the functions.php or plugin files

Matrisciano: Bu***and: Yea sounds fair. I guess i could also just put all my 4 sections in home.php and divide them with div’s in there. And then include/locate template_parts for my posts.

Trivett: Is this even an official chan

Heim: Superhans: yea. you can do that.

Vukovich: Why nobody uses op here?

Gephardt: Superhans: i would suggest downloading underscores an Automattic starter theme

Aronhalt: Bu***and: yea, i did already ;

Nardella: Superhans: its made with WP standards for coding in mind and has everything you need to start off

Mayhue: Vogt: they only activate ops when needed

Wireman: Googled around a bit and it seemed like a nice starting-point.

Dillie: Superhans: i use it all the time

Belezos: Bu***and: sounds smart

Neils: Hey all, i’m a total noob. Was wondering, is it possible to embed a MailChimp form in a WPMUDEV PopUp window? Or, more generally, how do I get a MailChimp form to “pop up”?

Beato: Naery:

Heskett: Naery: Read through the How To Use guide, easy to set up

Redler: Rudeboy: Does that require coding? When I say “noob” I mean it! I’ve started learning a bit of Python on CodeAcademy, but have virtually no competence.

Girvin: Rudeboy: Also, where is the How To Use guide, is there a link on that page that I’m not seeing?

Grossberg: Rudeboy: Or is that page the how to use guide itself?

Ishak: Naery: Do you know how to add jquery scripts and are you familiar at all with jquery code?

Zelkind: Rudeboy: Nope and nope, lol!

Wofford: Rudeboy: but i’m willing to learn!

Bordon: Naery: Google result for how to include scripts in WordPress

Tacderan: Naery: Google result for including jquery in WordPress the right way – wordpress-the-right-way/">

Pitel: Naery: Ha ha : I need to head to bed before I fall asleep on my keyboard, but here is a bit of a guide: Read this – wordpress,">, then once you have added a js file, add this-$’.champ-pop’.bPopup; and wrap the code snippet for the mailchimp in a .champ-pop div :

Meinzer: Rudeboy: I’m going to pretend I understood that right now, then go read enough so that I *DO* understand it, then I’ll do that! Thanks!

Carneal: Naery: read the links posted above by ContriBot

Nusom: Bu***and: Thanks for those links! I’m going to be reading those now. Is there a difference in including JavaScript vs JQuery scripts?

Brickell: Naery: Ha ha cool: Sorry, I know what it’s like – happens to me all the time! But read through the links, also the ones from Bu***and. then it will all be much clearer

Chaloner: Naery: ignore the first link actually. use the second one