This might be the best.

Bahr: I wonder if WP will ever have a Desktop Console for devving haha. Drupal’s is pretty sweet for windows– not that WP NEEDS IT. just saying i’m surprised. heh

Schimler: Bahr: what would it need a desktop console for?

Vollmar: Bu***and: yea, of the moon

Bahr: Periera: something like DesktopServer or something

Salvitti: Bu***and: Well, the top half of the moon so far ha ha ha

Babyak: Rudeboy: wow. its just a screenshot too

Bahr: Idk. for windows folks to easily have a stack setup for local WP heh

Gach: Took that pic last night with my iphone

Corprew: Bu***and: I have no idea why it’s taken so long to load

Bahr: There are many stacks out there that can work, but none out of box

Bahr: Periera: yes i get that

Tsau: Bahr: isnt that what WAMP is for ? lol

Bahr: I’m not promoting the idea: just commenting on it

Destasio: Bahr: it’s pretty much what every core dev and large agency uses

Bahr: Drupal for example has Dev Desktop

Swenk: Bahr: just seems like a waste of time

Bahr: Bu***and: yup. was just a comment heh

Bahr: Periera: ***rant doesn’t play well w/ windows

Borrell: Bahr: I’m on windows currently.

Bahr: The synching — nfs doesn’t work on windows at least i can’t get it to

Bahr: Periera: what do you use then?

Alcantas: Bahr: yea . the answer to “I wonder why WP doesn’t have a desktop dev package” is “because its a waste of time”

Obringer: Samba or the vbox shares will though

Bazil: Bahr: and now you got Periera on a rant about hsi set

Bahr: Periera: i setup ***rant + vbox and i was having a hard time getting it to play nicely. i forget the issue.

Water: Bu***and: Gees, nice pic!

Bahr: Had to do with NFS — if set to default— was told it would run awfully slow mirrorin th files

Teves: Bahr: it’s not terrible, definitely slower, but I haven’t had that many issues. VVV works well.

Dewolf: If you are bored of lore ipsum text, this is a great dummy text generator

Opper: It’s definitely usable

Bahr: Periera: ahh i was just going with what folks in #***rant were saying. i spent about a week in there. got SO excited about it.

Bahr: _Th1nKT4nK_: or ?

Witthoft: _Th1nKT4nK_: i prefer zombieipsum

Nquyen: I see that baco****um lol

Lemear: Bahr: srs check out vvv, along with vv. Pretty powerful stuff

Oar: Http://

Robeck: But I wanted something for a customer, if he see so much bacon maybe he get scared 😛

Bahr: Periera: going to. i was very sad when i gave up on ***rant— spent way too much time on it for what iw as using it for haha

Mashore: Http://

Lampke: Bahr: there’s also puphpet if you want another prebuilt but flexible option

Cheyne: I couldn’t ***rant up either

Bahr: I’ll use bill murphy image placeholder sometimes heh

Grunder: A bit more manual though

Bahr: Periera: yeah they kept saying puphpet near the end— but i was so far in the wrong direction i said eff it heh

Altenhofen: I use pictures from unsplash

Bahr: Buddyq: it doens’t show because the shortcode you are using isn’t activated for whichever reason. which plugin is saying to use this shortcode?

Ferndez: Placeholders from

Heng: Http://

Kutzer: I’ll have to continue later. I have a city meeting to go to now.

Gallusser: This might be the best though because you can get relavent images