How can I place in specific.

Davignon: Naery: actually. ignore BOTH of those

Limardi: Hold on. lemme go find you the real tutorial

Broncheau: Bu***and: LOL, okay, ignoring them both

Delahunt: Naery: wordpress-themes-and-plugins–wp-24321">–wp-24321

Tharnish: Bu***and: I’m out, thanks SO much again for your excellent help! :

Kercy: Rudeboy: no prob. glad it was all figured

Eichman: Naery: with that code Rudeboy gave you, it is a jquery plugin so you have to first enqueue jquery and THEN you enqueue the custom bPopus script

Abby: Bu***and: Based on what I’ve read so far in the last few minutes, it seems like I add something to the wp_head that “enables” the jquery, then I install/use the bPopUps plugin? Is that right?

Kabina: Naery: wp_head is a hook you should NOT use

Luca: Naery: wp_enqueue_scripts is the hook you should use

Bromfield: Bu***and: Right, I just slapped my hand, band boy. Do not use wp_head! Noted. Now, uhm, where do I put the wp_enqueue_scripts thing?

Gallus: Naery: you add something to wp_enqueue_scripts to “enable” jquery. then you upload the files for the bPopups and add enqueue_scripts for those as well

Skog: Naery: all of this goes in functions.php

Gooder: Ah! yes, of course, functions.php why didn’t I think of that? See how smart I sound?

Gutenson: Naery: just read the tuts article word for word. Dont just copy/paste the code sections

Toback: Bu***and: The tutorial that Rudeboy gave me, is that the way to go about it?

Sussman: Naery: no. the last one I linked you to

Villiard: Naery: Rudeboy just gave you a link to script to use. I gave you a tutorial on how to include those scripts and use them

Hightower: Bu***and: Oh! Sorry! I missed that one

Gollhofer: Bu***and: Okay, I’m going to go read that for a bit and see what trouble I can get into

Ringold: Naery: start with just doing everything the tutorial says. THEN try tyo get into using the custom script Rudeboy gave you

Traeger: Bu***and: Forgive my ignorance, is JavaScript and jquery the same thing? At least from a “how to use” it perspective?

Roberto: Naery: jquery is a javascript library

Phelka: Bu***and: Lol, I hate being ignorant. Thanks for clearing that up! Also, thanks for being so cool! I truly appreciate the help and guidance! Okay, I’m going to go read and practice and try not to cry. Thanks again!

Manha: Naery: watch this–wp-30615

Vanderploeg: I mean read this. not watch

Costeira: So this could be really useful for clients :wordpress-101/">

Nagasawa: Dm: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Hannam: I need to put an image in specific place in every post

Ozaine: Dm: use the featured image

Bachtel: Dm:

Nauman: Bu***and: lol, np, thanks, i’ll give both of them a thorough reading

Hosea: Dm: Google result for using wordpress featured image –

Bondi: Dm: you should be able to find all of the answers you need with simply googling “WordPress featured images” and varying keywords

Crout: Maybe you could tell me other way. I’ve done a function to place an iframe

Briskey: Iframe is made by a shortcode

Mcdoniel: Maybe I could modify my function to place the image after video

Laack: Dm: use a featured image. That is your only option

Forner: But I really need so no worry

Mcelmurry: Dm: use a featured image

Keisling: I need it in specific place

Loewen: Dm: use a featured image

Hamsik: How can I place in specific place?