Look at the template.

Schwingel: Rsync or symlink to the same dir, which ever

Meager: Wp-api looks exciting

Crall: Hello, guys. I’m newbie in themes development. I need to convert an HTML to wordpress theme. How can I start it?

Bartkowski: I feel really stupid for asking this. but in my admin panel next to plugins there a number 1. and when i click plugins one of them has a blue left border

Roses: It doesnt seem it required an update. and its not really saying I should do anything

Simeon: Slainr, are you good in CSS and html?

Simeon: Slainr, and want to build from the ground up?

Stavis: Manvelyan: is it possible to put that into a snippet as a shortcode?

Garn: I will build an theme from an ready HTML

Deroeck: Yes, I’m good at css and html

Edmonson: I am also looking for the modern minimalistic basis theme

Simeon: Slainr, I used a premade theme which is very very very basic. wait a second

Manvelyan: Ukwiz: put what into a shortcode?

Manvelyan: Ak5: http://underscores.me

Cardazone: I remember that from some time ago

Simeon: It’s already a biiiit bloated I think, but the strange mobile menu and stuff is quickly thrown out :

Deible: Has anyone used wp-api?

Flicek: Simeon: I tried to use, but I think that’s kind hard to use. I’ve used html5-blank theme, but I had some doubts like “how do I make an home specific page layout?”

Maaske: The php code to get the date

Thurman: My english is terrible

Brunkhardt: Manvelyan: the php code to get the date

Simeon: Slainr, and for complex design elements buying http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/ seemed unavoidable :

Samul: I am wondering if there are problems with basing my new theme off of the rest api if I want to turn wp into a Single page application backend

Simeon: Slainr, that stuff you have to google. it’s not too hard to set up a new page template

Dolle: Simeon: yes, I will the codex again, maybe now I’ll see clearly =p

Manvelyan: Ukwiz: yeah, you could easiy do that as a shortcode, but why? Is it something you’d expect a user to enter in the post content? Otherwise, it should be part of the post meta in the post header….as in the “posted on” linke on https://slneighbors.org/

Couillard: Simeon: if I had some difficults, I’ll tell you guys

Mcdargh: Manvelyan: this is something for use in a page rather than a post

Simeon: VectorX, my .htaccess but I doubt that changed. http://hastebin.com/vefiwerive.apache

Manvelyan: In the footer/header of the page? If so, you should add it to the template that displays the page e.g., page.php

Imam: Simeon yeah that looks good

Bek: Simeon well i would check the error log and also turn off all plugins and see if it works

Simeon: Changed the permalinks to some default too now, but didn’t help if that was the problem preview and shortlink should have worked also I guess

Fraiser: Manvelyan: I will look into that. thx

Simeon: VectorX, should any 404 cause a log entry? I enabled WP_DEBUG_LOG and WP_DEBUG, but see no debug.log

Gillogly: It should be in your servers error.log

Butkowski: Simeon this generally gets fixed when you update the permalinks, can you set them to default and save, then try

Simeon: I set them to some default post title

Landkamer: I know you said you already saved but just incase

Pizzano: Hey guys is it possible to make a custom post just like a custom page by adding: * Template Name: Single-Center in .php file and going to wp — template — .php

Simeon: VectorX, no apache errors today

Patzner: Hey Manvelyan you here by any chacne?

Manvelyan: Look at the template hierarchy to find the appropriate naming for custom post templates