And the good thing that.

Sbano: Well there is an option to give a function to .attr and do the loop that way

Paszek: But it is still a loop

Wanczyk: Can anyone help me on D3 line chart

Bram: Yeah, that’s what i am planning to do. Make a ‘#id’.attr and change the name with counter. For each input separately. Thank you, Cork

Conkling: Saturn812:

Mcgrant: Http:// I need your help please

Hartig: Cork, looks like i have to wrap in it .each to iterate throu all of them

Canada: Saturn812: check the fiddle i gave you

Duarte: Yes you have to loop it, but attr can do that

Kirsopp: It only changes the first element

Thoen: Check the effect on the fiddle

Lado: Ah, probably my mistake, i use id for selector

Santory: Id can only ever match one element

Fesenmyer: As it by definition is an id of the element so == unique

Gers: That complicate things.

Debiasi: Use a cl*** if you want multiple elements

Ringham: Hi, I have a string that is like this: Test No1, Test No2, Test No3 How can I get it to look like this: “Test No1”, “Test No2”, “Test No3”

Arakaki: Scholtz: could you wrap the first one in “” so it is easier to see what it exactly looks like?

Melbourne: The looks like “Test No1, Test No2, Test No3” without double quotes

Ziebert: Well if it is a string it needs them to reprecent that they are a string or single quotes

Butteris: Could someone have a look at this code for me please. I beleive it may be a little difficult to understand what is going on but I will try to explain. I have an input to which the user starts to input a name, as the user inputs the ajax is checking the database and providing a list. The list is populated fine, when the user selects a name from the list the script will call the php script, populate a session and reload that form, this is fine. The

Roussin: Issue I am having is if I start to type one name, then backspace and start with a new name it only shows the rows returned from the first name? –

Nascimento: Sorry pastie error, this one is better –

Deeters: Have a nice evening and a great weekend guys see you!

Casamayor: I am inside a .getJSON making another .getJSON request and I have a value from the nested requested to use within the outter scope so I had set a var foo; and inside the nested requested a foo = data; console.logfoo inside the nested request callback works but it fails in the outter callback

Casamayor: How is the best way to have my data available to the outter callback as I’ve already defined it there?

Trepanier: Casamayor: peek at and

Shadduck: Actually you can still use it with .getJSON

Tinklenberg: Http:// and look for “The jqXHR Object”

Casamayor: Felicien: honestly I’m lost. I don’t see the deferred doing the work of p***ing the variable to the scope where I need it

Casamayor: Or maybe it’s not just so easy to comprehend on a first read

Casamayor: And there’s no examples

Macon: So a backbonejs dev told me that backbone fetch calls sync which calls $.ajax. He also told me that $.ajax returns $.Deferred object. Is this true?

Suddarth: Casamayor: i think the idea is that you shouldn’t do an xhr request within an xhr request

Perish: Casamayor: so start there; make the second one after the first completes successfully

Garden: Thanks a lot for the confirmation

Pepitone: The culprit is how we prototype backbonejs’ fetch which is now using deferred. However, there is no need because backbonejs sync uses $.ajax which returns deferred “D

Niday: And the good thing that happened is that I am now able to capture errors using .fail