Unopoo: The original and.

Keitsock: Function fooinput { var d = new Datecurrent_event_element.datevalue.getDay; . do stuff with d . } foo /* d is no longer using memory now and has been cleaned up or marked for cleanup */

Keitsock: Foo ends, d stops being referenced, GC cleans it up. no need for delete or = null or anything like that

Daprile: Http://

Reimold: I’m getting a list here

Shadoan: Axelrad: ur text jumps up if i click it

Maruschak: But the jquery mobile data-role page div stays there

Keitsock: The text moves up inside it when you click it and it reveals the select

Keitsock: I don’t see anything about data-role anywhere in your code Kartagis

Keitsock: So you’ll have to explain more specifically what the issue is

Wappel: Jquery mobile creates that

Keitsock: Then it sounds like a case of needing to read the docs, imo

Keitsock: Seems like an API problem. #jquery is more likely to be helpful if you can’t figure it out in the docs

Marmolejo: I can’t even see the problem on that fiddle xD

Keitsock: Yeah I don’t know either really. description is ***ue

Norseth: And I’m clicking mad everything

Mealing: Hi, does anybody know if crome clamps timeouts in WebWorkers, when running in non active tab?

Wuolle: I’m learning javascript OO now, but somehow I find the implementation of OO programming of javascript kinda too many hacks

Moment: Hope there will be good reasons to do OO like that

Rees: Unopoo:***-based_vs._prototype-based_languages

Rizor: Unopoo: there are a lot of people who agree with you and prefer to keep the OO to a light touch, and lean more towards FP

Rizor: Personally I’ll do some OO but I try to keep it as stateless as I can

Caposole: Rizor: what do you mean by ‘stateless’, by the way, is there other language ‘prototype-based OO’ language?

Odore: Hello, how can I remove from an array a all elements which are in array b, something like var c = arrA – arrB

Stephanie: Is there any lodash method for that?

Rizor: Unopoo: answering the second question first, there are a few. Most notable is Self, which JS was sorta loosely based on

Rizor: And then a bunch of other ones I’ve never actually encountered

Rizor: You can also do prototypical inheritance with R, python, and perl using some modules

Rizor: Oh, Object Lisp can do it too

Stavnes: Unopoo: OO as commonly practiced is a stupid idea anyway

Rizor: Unopoo: by stateless I mean I don’t like OO where the methods on an object actually mutate the object

Stavnes: Diegoaguilar: how many elements?

Rizor: I prefer to keep the functions pure whenever I easily can, and if they’re going to change the object, I err on the side of returning a new object with a new state, rather than mutating the original

Rizor: And by pure I mean: arguments in — return value out, no side effects

Ziada: I have a question regarding Chrome and Firefox

Hatten: My script works on Firefox, not on Chrome

Huppert: Where Fx returns true, Chrome does false for a reason.

Rizor: While that might sometimes seem slower since you’ll have to do more iteration and things, it’s usually not much of a factor, it makes code easier to debug, and the perf difference is sometimes alleviated by the fact that the JIT compiler can often better optimize objects if they aren’t mutated

Rizor: FffuuuL: can you post a fiddle? or a gist if you can’t get it running in a fiddle?

Trego: Stavnes: why OO is a stupid idea. I’m new to programme, but I find OO is cool, lots of principles, design patterns to learn., basically I’m obssesed, and your word kinda hurt :

Stavnes: Unopoo: The original and key idea of OO was message p***ing, which is kind of cool, but has better implementations outside of OO languages.