LindsayM_: the script grabs.

Sprow: I’ve created another staging enviroment and imported a db backup from last month and everything is working as expected. but trying to get all post data up to date

Frascone: Anyone seen anything like this before

Hald: Bowenac: start by disabling plugins, etc

Albanese: That was the first thing I tried, I renamed the plugin folder disabled all plugins which doesn’t seem to fix anything

Mowry: Bowenac: so the DB backup works oK but not the live version?

Riney: Bowenac: try a new theme as well

Vanvalen: I then exported wp_posts, wp_postmeta and imported that to the new staging. then ran search and replace and it seems the guid are borked as it causes 404 even after re saving permalinks

Hagenhoff: Yes last months db backup is working fine. we did some csv importing to import do***ent posts type for a do***ents revisions plugin etc, I think someone possibly used the wrong import tool and caused some issues

Grubaugh: Yea sounds like you borked the crap out of your DB

Salo: On the latest staging not the new one but the original all posts and links are working correctly, we just can’t add users, or update posts, duplicate slidetabs from slidetabs plugin etc. If we try to duplicate it duplicates with no name, and an id of 0

Spohn: But it all works fine from the backup from last month

Nohel: Right. so you borked the crap out of your DB sometime between that backup and your new site

Bashore: That is what I am thinking, but I don’t understand why importing wp_posts, and wp_postmeta is causing issues.

Consolazio: Its not importing them thats causing issues. its HOW . and this is a WAY big issue with lots and lots of tinkering to get done. More than what can be fixed here IMHO unless you find someone willing to spend some serious time first exporing your issue and then helping fix it

Kruk: Im importing through phpmyadmin then running search and replace script to fix the urls

Baxa: Bowenac: and thats your problem. read the docs about moving WP

Toso: I can see the guid is correct after running search and replace and the files exist, but for some reason wp thinks it’s a 404

Saysithideth: Bowenac: domains and paths are serialized. a plain old search/replace in phpmyadmin is going to bork everything

Mishulovin: I’ve moved probably close to 1k wp installs

Serge: Bowenac: congrats for making it this far. you’re doing it wrongly.

Berk: And never seen anything like that or had issues running search and replace

Coenen: Every dev I work with at work does it the same way.

Raynor: Hey guys, is there an easy way to include a non-wordpress PHP script on a site? I have a PHP script that trigggers a file download and when you click a link I want it to run

Chaligoj: Bowenac: time to change practices

Forney: Im not using phpmyadmin for search and replace

Goans: What are we talking about? Deployment?

Rank: Bowenac: are you using that search and replace db script? I use that and it seems fine

Hedegore: I am running interconnectit

Papitto: Can someone point me in the right direction on howto install plugins and upgrade wordpress without using fs_direct and setting plugins dir to 777?

Marovich: Bowenac: yep that’s the one

Nolde: Mrbubbles: Put it in a widget, shortcode, theme?

Fogleman: Yes its a script and always works

Thrush: That isnt the problem

Simpkins: Bowenac: ok. you just say you’re running search and replace after PHPmyadmin. you didnt say the Search2Replace app

Makofsky: Sorry should have specified just ***umed thats what most people use haha

Nord: Bowenac: it is. unless tyou’re talking to people in this room and then it isnt becaus epeople dont read the docs

Grunow: Mrbubbles: why do you need a PHP script to trigger a download?

Ying: LindsayM_: the script grabs a list of image paths from a cookie, uses mpdf to generate a PDF and then returns the PDF for downloading