Frenchiie: this is probably.

Bundren: Mk2Brett: browse like. css zen garden or similar sites? yes, css zen garden still exists. they got an html5 makeover

Mcnicholas: Yeah i also browse

Scheide: Nemo: any ideas on how i could un ****tify this template i threw together at 2am

Bundren: Mk2Brett: hum. the dividing line looks odd

Kubas: Hey, why isn’t ‘width: 50%’ or ‘max-width: 50%’ working on my body style? : im unable to make the webpage look as i like.

Bundren: Supay: WAG it is 50% of some sized parent

Bundren: Supay: if you’re trying to get 50% of viewport, need to ditch that parent or use viewport units

Rudd: Nemo: what are viewport units? px or em? and the only parent of body is html, but i dont have a style for it.

Bundren: Mk2Brett: getting a horizontal scrollbar too. odd

Bundren: Https://

Inman: Nemo: awesome, giving that a shot. thanks

Pieroni: Nemo: yeah thats the horizontal line section break div. it was overflowing the div so i just used overflow:hidden; but its still broken as hell

Bundren: Mk2Brett: ah. I was thinking it was those giant people icons + small monitor

Bundren: They don’t seem to scale too well

Bundren: The diagonal line thing is odd. can’t think of what you might be doing to cause that. I ***umed you were using border styling trick – but that should cause much nicer rendering

Whitehorse: They should as its responsive

Bundren: That is, the old “slantastic” approach

Wittkop: Yeah im ditching that, looks to lame, i think im going to jsut re-do the entire pagee

Bundren: The colour palette, gonna avoid commenting on. I **** at picking colours, and tend to just use palettes others create

Bundren: The slant looks particularly strange at the top w/ the very thin menu line

Bundren: But overall, seemed maybe an interesting idea, perhaps if the angle was more aggressive, and the rendering issue fixed

Greiwe: Nemo: that didnt work : here is my css file:

Bundren: Supay:

Bundren: The vw isn’t really required ofc if it is top element, since it in that case % is relative to viewport

Bundren: Could just have said 50%/50%

Delia: Nemo: what does * { . } mean in your css?

Hairgrove: A common property for every element?

Bundren: Yeah. is generally not recommended to overuse that

Bundren: I was just being lazy

Bundren: Also global resets can be abused and cause WTFs later

Bundren: And probably not too harmful

Lafaver: Yeah, that makes sense. though i always thought that something that has a similar function to code reusal can never be a bad thing.

Dinicola: I guess id only be able to learn all that with enough experience

Bundren: Mk2Brett: hm. the slantastive approach does still look kinda stairstepped. maybe it is due to the angle not being steep enough

Bundren: Or p’raps the colour combo

Bundren: Oh well. you’re redoing it anyway, so whatev

Bundren: Hm. I wonder if using a transform would look better.

Versluis: If i would like to display a horizontal barfor something like a bar graph, should i use basic height, width, and background-color in my style page or should i use svg or something else?

Bundren: Eh. probably almost any approach is fine, whatever’s most convenient for your page

Bundren: The html5 element might convey more info if you’re actually trying to denote progress

Bundren: Https:// I mean

Bundren: Frenchiie: this is probably one of the wilder approaches.