I want to create a.

Mussman: Are there any good sources of do***entation apart from api.jquery.com? I can’t really get the hang of how that thing is structured

Delgadilo: How can I could to add data to $”#data”.data”info”

Norrell: Mhuil: doesn’t .data”info”, “whatever” work?

Ploof: Oh, and, is there a way to “simplify”/combine this? $this.next”whatever”.remove; $this.remove;

Taddonio: Never mind, figured it out – $this.add$this.next”whatever”.remove; – although the resulting syntax is pretty ugly :/

Yorton: Robhol : what happen is I need to add dinamically info to data property

Bohlinger: Http://jsbin.com/majolamopa/edit?js,output

Dockum: I have some like this

Akmal: RecordsLoaded is a function from a plugin

Clagett: When i run http://jsfiddle.net/jeff1evesque/e4fp18z9/, my json file type – https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning/blob/master/web_interface/static/data/json/sample.json in “Unknown”

Gentery: Erm anyone some idea how I can see why a form is posted ?

Portales: YamakasY: put a ‘debugger’ statement somewhere

Stallsmith: NoiseEee: yes good one, but the question is where

Gritsch: NoiseEee: inpector cannot show it ?

Devonish: YamakasY: either in your ‘new’ js somewhere, or somewhere around the event handler youre expecting to fire

Pincus: NoiseEee: yeah that’s the issue, it’s some core thing where I need half, but you understand. when you use a static host for js. you don’t wanna copy .js files every time

Mcdonalds: NoiseEee: I need to debug 2000 lines of code which work OK in the mainapp and are OK there and also work when I copy all other source code. kinda weird

Rosello: Is it generally “safe” to multi-wrap jquery objects? for example, if I take an element as an argument to a function, can I $foo it or will that cause problems if foo is already a jquery-wrapped element?

Colton: YamakasY: you can use your browsers developer tools to set a debugging point where you like as well

Nozum: Robhol it’s. inefficient.

Raynes: The overhead isn’t worth it.

Zunich: I wasn’t really planning to do it. It just seemed like the $ “wrap” operation could/should be idempotent

Piles: NoiseEee: ok, will check that out, but inspector doesn’t show me where it goes through in a log ?

Syvertsen: It tests to see if it’s already a jquery object and just p***es it through, but you still have the constructor overhead iirc

Zan: I could have that wrong though, robhol

Kamb: YamakasY: not in a log, but in the actual script

Apresa: NoiseEee: but it does not give a full blowout there which stays there ?

Calzone: Robertmaxrees: http://i.imgur.com/JdfN2mz.png hmmmmm :p

Danahy: YamakasY: i don’t follow. give this a read. https://developers.google.com/web/tools/javascript/breakpoints/

Wehrs: Robhol that’s because the “same” object is not equal to itself.

Allee: That’s totally expected.

Tongren: Hence var foo = {}, bar = {}; console.logfoo === bar; // prints false

Dambach: NoiseEee: I mean, the script in general works OK, but when I just include it in some other page for some extra functions I might need the form get’s submitted right away

Seim: YamakasY: nobody knows

Bon: YamakasY: it is up to YOU to find out, using available tools

Mahi: Just curious, Is .data’attr-name’ will try to decode json if the html attribute is a json string?

Battaglia: Xinming give it a shot :

Terronez: I just found that when I use $..data’attr’

Szpak: Robertmaxrees: I do tried,

Weare: That’s why I’m curious

Laker: Got it, doc specs it does

Ziesemer: I want to create a “redacted”-style effect on all text inside of a given “match” – is there a selector or something that will take all text elements so I can set their background color but leave anything structural alone?