Jphase: i just make my own.

Fiorita: Try doing it with ImageMagick or phpgd on your own and tell me if you come up with a solution that works for everyone

Opoka: If you do which I doubt you will you can solve a problem many have had since dynamically accepting user images

Wake: Then contribute it back to wordpress core if you’d like. until then, don’t blame wordpress for a non-wordpress problem

Grames: Yeah i know its been a problem for years but as i said before its the reason why people have used timthumb and these other cropping tools because wp hasnt implimented a function to do it for developers

Tokley: He literally didnt listen to a thing you said

Macwilliams: _August_: you clearly don’t know how ImageMagick and php-gd work

Shelburne: Go read about that and come back and let me know if you still have the same complaints

Geoghegan: He’s parroting some stuff he’s sen someone else say or read

Donohve: Im not talking about that half *** crop that they put into the image editor either

Gloeckner: Jphase: not worth the keystrokes

Ludera: _August_: good luck with your problem

Craver: It’s okay, he just doesn’t understand how working with images with those libraries work

Lauinger: Yeaqh please stop because you guys clearly are pro wp and they can do Halcom wrong

Garnette: Than again i am in a wp channel

Senosk: No, I’m not pro-wp, I use it

Hormell: I’m pro-logic and know the image manipulation libraries PHP has to offer

Aitkin: That’s why I think you’re uneducated

Marcy: Read up on ImageMagick and php-gd

Suentenfuss: And until then, blame the technology in question, not WP

Pursifull: Yup but its all wps fault

Parmely: Hehe, that’s the mentality that you need to get away from

Cangialosi: WP didn’t invent ImageMagick or php-gd

Kusiak: That last part i was only trolling =

Clegg: Anyone using Jupiter theme now?

Jansen: R1ppa: you HAVE to stop asking about that theme!

Koretsky: Trying to kill these zooming effects when hovering over images, making me cra cra

Orser: Scavotto, why cant I ask every few hours?

Patrice: R1ppa: its a premium, paid for theme. We aren’t going to support it in here

Gobbi: R1ppa: ask the person whom you have paid

Torrance: R1ppa: this is not the free support channel for premium paid themes from themeforest

Sivills: R1ppa: search for a library that zooms in your source, find to see if it’s enqueued by your theme by a handle, dequeue that handle

Sarabia: Outside of that, ask for support

Maratos: Scavotto, not asking you to support it but others may have experience with similar css

Kirlin: Premium themes mean premium support

Rigano: Unless you pirated it, which is probably why you’re here

Duerst: R1ppa: otherwise you can ask in #css or #javascript

Beauford: R1ppa: then ask the person you paid money to

Prach: I put question in their forums, and am asking here

Newsam: Yeah, or at least give a URL

Sago: Odds are someone doing your exact task for your exact theme that happens to be waiting for someone to ask them how they did it will not be idling here

Vandygriff: That’s just statistics 😀

Pieroni: Opsec: I put it in the bot but Jiron hasn’t accept my pull request : for ContriBot

Raddatz: R1ppa: have you even tried looking for it in your theme?

Dinh: Jphase, wow bunch of ***hats huh

Grigaliunas: I.e.: grep -rin ‘zoom’ /path/to/your/theme

Stubblefield: Jphase: Lagrow had a bork today too. i did a .c anmd it responded with ‘T’ . that was all lol

Lokan: Jphase: i just make my own quick links in hexchat, the bot is unreliable