Bombo, it’s fully hacked.

Calvillo: The code doesn’t really explain it for me

Briskey: Calvillo: it’s just 2px blue line

Drahota: Calvillo: just look at the css

Calvillo: You just want two divs to rotate?

Quarnstrom: Calvillo: everything must be as it is, just the outter div box should be around the changeing ads

Mozgala: Calvillo: yes, but they are already, problem is just the outter div

Lodge: Calvillo: see it doesn’t fit around the adN divs height

Swan: Calvillo: i could set height: 100px; but that would be fixed. is it possible at all to be auto-fit the inner ad heigth

Privateer: Http:// what am i doing wrong here? i’m trying to fix the css in order for the site to be responsive

Plass: Calvillo: outter should stay 100%, the ad1 and ad2 maybe too get width: 100%, while the outter border should be around everything no matter how high

Greenwall: Adv_: too much style= ;

Lero: Like ‘div style=”padding-left:15px;”‘

Chrostowski: Adv_: put all style code into the css file

Stettner: But this is not the problem

Koers: Adv_: what is the problem?

Yanetta: Bombo: i want to convert it into responsive

Cristales: Adv_: what should happen? what should respond?

Acquaviva: Bombo: i want 3 columns on 1100px , 2 columns on 900 and 1 column on 400

Lodrigue: Bombo, do you want this as wrapper ?

Mould: Is this a known issue? what does it look like to you?

Pietrini: Adv_: no idea, sorry, wait for a pro ;

Costlow: Lodrigue: yes almost, add width: 100% to outter

Grainey: Lodrigue: and with display: the fade effect is gone ;

Lodrigue: Bombo, do you want this with fade effect? :

Thoms: Effect.css – nice – and with CSS! :O

Lodrigue: Bombo, just because 100% width means this :

Lodrigue: So clarify this issue, you want max width and max height for the wrapper. yeah?

Pollan: Lodrigue: width: 100% and height: according to the heigth of the inner #ad

Lodrigue: So the maximum of #ad1 and #ad2 .

Grenier: Lodrigue: and dont forget the fade ;

Strede: Lodrigue: exactly like but with fade

Sewade: Or this, but without fixed width:

Glaviano: The outter heigth seems to be the value of the biggest #ad here

Lodrigue: Bombo no way without fixed width via css. it requires javascript hack.

Mcdonagh: Hi, i got this code for a expanding search, you would need to copy it and create a .html file and open that in the browser, I am testing on chrome and when you keep pressing the Icon, when closing sometimes it closses half way, i cant see why, its not doing it in a fiddle or any other paste

Lodrigue: Bombo,

Singh: I have a page with an expandable left column and a right column. Right now, when the left column expands, everything reflows in the right panel. Is there a way just to push part of the panel offscreen?

Scheitlin: This is an exmple of how my issue looks

Alcaide: Lodrigue: nice hack ;

Zeliff: I got a fiddle if required, doesnt do the closing halfway on this but if you can still spot the error that would be great

Schummer: Lodrigue: trying to center it with margin auto, fails probably because . float

Lodrigue: Bombo, more troubles :

Lodrigue: Bombo,

Yetto: Lodrigue: wow : thx! i think thats it

Lodrigue: Bombo, it’s fully hacked 😀