Is there a function like.

Padillo: It’s not the code I’m protecting.

Stivers: It’s my site from bad people

Moder: Mythros: so PASTE the relevant JS code to a pastebin

Uhlenkott: This is the link to my Calculate function.

Janek: Http://

Stever: Please ignore my spacing. It is the way I type.

Pamplin: I type differently than most programmers.

Linzie: That formatting gave me cancer

Linzie: And I think the rest of it is giving me alzheimers



Stuchlik: Is there a PEP8 for JS ? Or that kind of thing

Stuchlik: Mythros: One thing I try and do format wise is not have spaces between logical chunks of code, so that when I navigate I can use { movements to get about a bit easier

Macconaghy: With backbone, if you were to initialize the same view twice, would the events be set twice?

Stuchlik: Havvy: hmm, you wish there was or not fussed?

Widrick: Baxx: There’s various formats that are quite readable in JS.

Hajek: Buu: “That went as well as could be expected, eh Gromit”

Mangiafico: Baxx: there are so many ways to approach problems in JS that any style guide would almost certainly be overly biased to particular approaches

Deyon: Or it would be limited to pointless arbitrary decisions like ‘always use double quotes!’ or ‘always use tabs!’ and wouldn’t do any good

Conchado: Someone help please. can’t get this to work

Diederichs: The thing to remember with style guides is that they represent a lowest common denominator. They’re not intended to be ideal. A competent software engineer will be able to improve upon convention, and thus improve the readability and maintain ability of their code.

Washup: Thanks for suggesting hosting on dropbox it worked out quite well

Stuchlik: Pi-: yeah that makes sense, there are some benefits to having a ‘global’ starting point though

Addesso: Now i just have to figure out why it looks crap on a mobile browser, but thats not so important for now

Opell: Baxx: that’s exactly my understanding of style guides. “a global starting point”.

Stuchlik: Pi-: I agree, high five

Montemayor: Pi-: on a project level, i’m fine with them. on a language level, for JS, i don’t think there’s any reasonable lowest common denominator to be had without implicitly excluding reasonable approaches.

Stuchlik: Plutonas: oh you can just load a html file into dropbox and it’ll render it when you link someone to the file? Not sure if that’s what you mean there, that’s quite nice if so

Linda: Baxx: yes, just put it in the public folder

Kuschel: Then right click on it, and press copy-url

Bone: Then you can link your domain name to it

Demaggio: I didn’t know this either but it is neat

Labrada: Today seems like im outta help lol’

Magathan: RonRichie, you realize that underscore.js defines all of those things already, right?

Stuchlik: Plutonas: cool, never thought of that. though i don’t have any domain name sooo :

Schammel: Baxx: well you can use the link you get, but it is not very readable

Stuchlik: Plutonas: ah , i’ll have to have a look at some point

Wakeman: Agent : lol this is the underbar js based on underscore, it’s like spec tests you need to write the code to p*** the spec, and since Im practicing I dont wanna copy paste a code that I dont understand, that’s why I make sure I fully understand what Im doing before moving ahead ;

Wakley: Pachet: What do you mean it doesn’t work? Is it unemployed? What happens when you try to run it? What’s the output? What’s the error message? What did you want or expect to happen?

Frohberg: Is there a function like concat that returns the resulting array?