Jeng: yeah it’s impossible..

Rosselli: Jeng: i got: define’WP_DEBUG’, true; define ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true ; but i get no wp-content/debug.log

Rubick: I’ve installed WordPress, and when I try to upload the theme I get this message “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”

Jeng: Vautour and what happened when you googled that text?

Arcudi: Jeng: I should change the max-upload-size in the file called php.ini and I did, but I still get the message

Deleone: Jeng: even when i set $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; the fresh install i see the site works, but no debug.log

Flam: Jeng: Ok, I have site1 with cats A, B, C …. Site2 with cats A, B, C … Site3 with cats A, B, C all cats have the same name. Now, I want to export all post and cats from these websites and import in my new websites. I have a problem: The cats name are the same and i don’t want the posts from site1 and site2 and site3 are in the same category, but i want to have in my new website site1 as parent

Temoney: Category with A, B, C cats sons. The same for site2 and site3.

Devlin: Jeng: no error in apache error.log

Sundseth: Jeng: it’s wp 4.3.1 but i don’t know what version the old wp was

Mashak: 2.5x to a 3.4x update take? On a pretty much empty blog.

Mottillo: Oops. how long should a*

Jeng: Vinxz: then you have a problem!

Jeng: Vinxz: you need to rename your categories on each of the source sites before exporting and then importing to the new site.

Jeng: Vautour: what does the media uploader show you as the max upload file size?

Jeng: Bombo: How about abandoning this and moving your site correctly?

Schorder: Jeng: ok! But I want to add each cats from site1 to parent cat, so when I export post and cats all websites had a parent cat *** you understand right now?

Lafontant: Bombo:

Jeng: Vinxz: you need to make changes on each source site

Pettingill: Hmm, anyone ever had to turn a common textarea into a WP-friendly TinyMCE editor without the use of wp_editor? I’m specifically trying to add the editor on a field that’s dynamically created with jQuery. I’ve started to go down the route of including cl***-wp-editor.php and accessing the methods from there but running into issues :

Jeng: Brb . need to restart my wifi

Mohorovich: I just made a joomla 2.5 to 3.4x update from the update manager. However, now i got this error when i go to main page: How is this fixed?

Falcone: Ok, the question is: how can I ***ociate all articles from site1 to new parent cat?

Comacho: Is get_option cached?

Kinart: Jeng: ok, the question is: how can I ***ociate all articles from site1 to new parent cat?

Simmes: I want to add new cat to site1 parent of all cats and later ***ociate all articles to this new parent cat and export it

Fust: Jeng: Can I do it from db with sql query?

Jeng: Vinxz: do you understand all the linkages among the tables?

Jeng: Vinxz: I didn’t respond to your initial questions because I didn’t want to get into this. YOU asked me.

Tuch: I don’t know if I understand all.but if you have a query to suggest me I can backup all and try in local

Jeng: Vinxz: how many categories do you have on each site?

Yannayon: Jeng: i’ll see, i just got the .sql dump via mail, with the note to set up a new wp and import that, so just plain .sql isn’t enough

Jeng: So doing this manually is trivial — not fun, but trivial.

Jeng: Read the codex article, Bombo

Kollar: Jeng: i have, thats how i understand it, files backup + sql dump needed

Jeng: Upload wordpress to a new site, import the database, edit wp-config.php appropriately. If the URL hasn’t changed, it should work.

Jeng: DO NOT EDIT the sql dump file.

Martha: Jeng: yeah it’s impossible. I have 4mile articles on each webistes