P12: thank you. I think.

Stow: Cl*** declarations, whatever the codified terminology is

Journot: Weird bit of syntactic sugar that is then

Yamada: Kind of trying to convince you that javascript doesn’t Bulkeley around functions

Westhoff: Even though it definitely does

Haydel: Functions are objects

Pflugrad: Does someone know Ace.js and how to create a mode ?

Yampolsky: WTF https://jsfiddle.net/7hg246gu/

Claffey: Goyette, why does it lose its precision and gives me all those 9s ?

Abdulla: 0.01 is not a good idea

Goyette: Pl2, because they are floats

Goyette: Pl2, everything in JS is a float

Goyette: Pl2, and floating point arithmetic is not precisse

Mate: Yansanmo: number 0.7999999999999999

Vezza: Computers not so gud with decimal numbers

Chantry: Is Turing in here, I have some questions for him

Rabenold: Lol so what can i do?

Goyette: Pl2, what are you trying to do?

Rupe: Trying to step down from 1.0 to 0 in 0.01 increments

Busboom: Better to go from 100 to 0, and then divide by 100

Goyette: If you are dealing with money, track whole and cents separately

Olesky: From Ace.js can someone tell how works the two function ‘this.getFoldWidgetRange’ and ‘this.getFoldWidget’ in the folding mode ?

Goyette: If it is just a range, use integers, the stepping is the same

Nemani: Goyette, canvas rgba opacity string “rgbablah,blah,blah ” + opacity + “”

Hobock: Hey all, i’m trying to get a textbook from this site: http://nha-xinh.org/uploads/download.php?name=Americas_Foreign_Policy_Toolki&id=e831f16850986c3589297e181d0715b173 as you can see, once you click it you get a spammy little popup.

Luoto: Yansanmo, that sounds like it will work, i’ll try it

Tuminello: I’m trying to cir***vent this check, i found that when you click one of the links it runs this function: http://pastebin.com/VAreuxwM

Kadle: Yansanmo, commas are for n00bs.

Osegueda: Dude this is not ##pirateTextBooks

Glanzer: That’s why you are using two

Felli: I bought it via amazon

Heyen: Two day delivery though and i need it for an ***n tonight

Jubran: Besides it’s kind of a fun project.

Lindfors: Proof: http://imgur.com/ZJ4gNin

Panuccio: Ah…sorry, doxxed myself there.

Zaleski: Email prof and ask if they have a copy you can borrow

Laraby: They pretty much always do

Fleischhacker: Yeah i guess i can do that.

Oerther: Borrowing books is still legal in USA nowadays?

Boteler: I kind of like cir***venting spammers though. but maybe that’s a better approach

Cerasi: Well, when you borrow a book from someone, is it still legal in USA?

Talluto: Or doesn’t comply with DMCA?

Lutter: Hey there. I’m a novice with web programming and I’m trying to create a tic-tac-toe game naughts and crosses. I have a function I’ve written to be called every time a cell is clicked but firefox says that I haven’t defined it. Where is the preferred pastebin for this channel?

Arauz: Well, okay, if no one feels similarly about this approach, i’ll just do it the more legit way. much less fun in my opinion though

Tada: Torkable: Just kidding.

Otega: Or rather trolling, sorry

Tobler: But beware, it’s comming.

Appana: OK, to the point, do you guys have experience with nw.js and electron?

Oyervides: If yes, which is nicer and won’t be deprecated in next 3 months?

Cibula: Chowder, use whichever you like, pastebin.com and jsfiddle.net are popular

Rinaldis: P12: thank you. I think I’ll use pastebin