ChrisWJ: strange that master.

Decoux: Scott0_: don’t make it too large. Make log files at least 128M on modern versions.

Ruckey: One last thing, if I move my.conf to the new server, is there anything in the 5.5 default my.conf that ill be missing out on?

Pilch: Im always worried about using old config files when doing a big version change

Spueler: So I tend to cherrypick my needed lines out of the old and palce into the new

Decoux: Scott0_: it should be fine, but the fact that you used the stock my.cnf is worrying.

Leckington: Default options are read from the following files in the given order:

Saft: Deason: this also shows the same result of a node to a completely separate cluster that I am replicating to succesfully

Kells: Decoux: why is that worrying?

Deason: ChrisWJ: and server-id is set to something besides 0 or 1?

Deason: Dtrainor: if only that were true

Destro: I’m experiencing your sentiment

Decoux: Scott0_: so it’s not “default” any more.

Deason: Dtrainor: other files are also read

Noggler: Decoux: but there is a default on the new server

Decoux: Scott0_: don’t use default values.

Deason: Dtrainor: eg datadir/my.cnf and, on rhel, /usr/my.cnf

Decoux: Scott0_: also, you have to use the same innodb log file size from the old host.

Setlock: But now that im lkooking at it, its seems shorter than I remember and it looks like I’ve changed most of everything from the defaults

Grona: Just as a test i put my.cnf everywhere I could think of it to look, and the location of ‘datadir’ is still reported as .

Mandry: Decoux: im moving the innodb log files over too aren’t I?

Helferty: Decoux: or did you mean only specific files when you referred to ‘db files’

Dorval: I figured just to move all of /var/lib/mysql/

Deason: ChrisWJ: does *.info exist in datadir?

Yuki: Dtrainor: Look in the home dir of the user that started the server. That will usually be applied last.

Blotter: DtrainorL The owner of the process, that is.

Hummingbird: Dtrainor: and the owner of the process. The owner that started the server might have supplied explicit arguments.

Shapero: It’s on centos6, so it’s a service account, home dir is the datadir, e.g. /var/lib/mysql. I’ve put a my.cnf there to test, too.

Dunscomb: Dtrainor: Just for kicks, look at the startup arguments for the process, using ps.

Feimster: I’ve used mysql a lot over the years but haven’t seen it do this or it did and I just didn’t pay attention.? that’s why I’m asking :

Pepitone: Like i said, i’m not even running it – I’m running /usr/libexec/mysqld –verbose –help and looking for the ‘datadir’ specification

Schissel: Dtrainor: It’s very unusual.

Hannan: Dtrainor: Well, if it was compiled with no default paths to search, it might end up as .

Gwilt: Dtrainor: I’ve never tried that.

Deason: ChrisWJ: owned by “mysql” user?

Maritato: I’ve used the default mysql-server package provided by el/centos in the past and I’ve always found it to use /etc/my.cnf without any tweaks. I’m walking a fine line here, I know, using a vendor distribution of mysql and all

Horstmann: So i’m trying to ask intelligent questions hah

Deason: ChrisWJ: select 1 from mysql.slave_master_info join mysql.slave_relay_log_info join mysql.slave_worker_info limit 1;

Deason: ChrisWJ: maybe rm that then try reset slave all

Deason: ChrisWJ: i didn’t think xtrbackup copied that file.

Rohrdanz: I created this restore from a consistent mysqldump with mydumper/loader rds master :

Deason: In other news, doing this makes mysqld crash on start up spectacularly: /var/lib/mysql/mysql/slave_master_info.ibd

Deason: ChrisWJ: strange that exists, you had a successful “change master” command since then?