Jeng what ever it is its.

Gilcris: Jstransky: its a grouping of terms that are used to organize data .

Wen: Big: dude. there is no the way you think.

Buitrago: You have no idea what you’re talking about

Retersdorf: Yet you keep going on

Krzesinski: Scavotto: So you can have a pool of terms and a specific selection of those terms is considered a taxonomy?

Jastrebski: I was just doing what they asked me to do.get my url.which I now understand doesn’t exist.I’m not dense.

Wellman: Jstransky wordpress/">

Luebbe: I was asked a question.

Deighton: Jstransky: the terms would typically have one connecting treat which would group them all into the taxonomy.

Vickers: How would I check to see how my WP site was hacked?

Mihelcic: Jstransky highlights some situations where you may prefer a custom taxonomy over a new category

Bakalar: Forbidd3n: follow the hack / code

Betancur: Scavotto: follow the code?

Souvannakhily: Big, you probably want some hosting service that has WP installed like wordpress/">

Reynero: What exactly do you mean follow the hack code

Nogales: Forbidd3n: hacks are all different. you have to trace the code to see where they got in

Tadd: Scavotto: where would I start to track the code?

Bilous: Big, I would contact their support then, they could give you a link to your WP admin page.

Darocha: Forbidd3n: WP Security Audit Log –

Ditucci: I have the url to my .com

Fenimore: Momo_: this helps moving forward, correct?

Pellum: What would I do to figure out how they got in?

Ikuta: Won’t help you track this hack, but useful in the future

Hetherington: It has to be through a script not FTP

Desso: Big, try

Ocran: Sorry

Gehringer: I didn’t realize that the .org didn’t have a url.nor did the IT guy from AWeber, apparently.

Switalski: DLSteve: you’re gonna get this response “all i get is this when I go there”

Zullig: Well, we tried.thank you all

Lagerberg: People like that shouldnt have websites

Fiechter: Probably a business owner trying to go it alone. I see it a lot.

Pafford: Yea. of course. and someone like that shouldnt have a website. OR they should have someone else have a website for them

Schlecht: I want to make a website

Damme: But there are so many out there

Weik: I’m not arguing. Considering I built a custom themed WP site abet crappy one for my World of Warcraft guild when I was 16 😛

Mincey: DLSteve: thats not a business.

Kiphart: Everyone starts somewhere. sure. but you shouldnt be running your business off that level of understanding

Kelliher: I took over a wordpress install for a client and the old developer seems to have installed tons of translation files that seem to get updated every time wordpress gets updated. Its not something i have seen before. Any ideas how this is turned on/off? We have no need for it and it just extends the upgrade time

Jeng: VectorX: “i want to make a website” about what? What do you have to say / sell / add?

Hullinger: Some day ill have time to make

Jeng: DLSteve: I call tell you how to do that. Mail me $5 and I’ll send you the secret plan.

Weathington: Jeng, That is against the philosophy and goals of the Make Steve Rich Foundation.

Kershner: Jeng: Waiting for graphics i’m thinking about switchable content via menu bar. And I’m thinking why Polish version don’t “see” my menus places

Votsmier: Jeng what ever it is its already done