Iwanejko: yep that’s an.

Bitsui: Unity the desktop environment

Buttel: Oh the window manager

Vanord: Unity, the most hated desktop environment of 2011

Folkins: Because it’s 2015 now

Sgroi: You can also use Windows and be productive youknowhatimsayinghmm

Cirocco: Linux mint is like windows

Biddulph: Is it nicer Gillice ?

Marinaro: And I don’t know what the hell people are trying to do with Unity that makes them hate them

Wethje: Yeah i’m using it too just because other ones have weird quirks with nvm that i’m too lazy to learn

Kevwitch: Nucleartide, cinnamon is similar to windows*

Larita: I liked xfce as well, but Unity at least allows me to hit the super key and start searching for a program

Mccleese: I like xfce personally

Spanicek: I use lxde, i3, unity

Weaving: Cinnamon does all that

Cianciolo: Unity might not be very useful if you forget the names of your apps

Clifton: Cinnamon has window snapping!

Moreschi: The best desktop environment easily is

Tillinghast: The one you’re most comfortable with

Basara: Does KDE still look like web 2.0

Beliveau: I don’t like that about Gnome 3, I loved Gnome 2 but in 3 everything looks. glossy

Vanwinkle: KDE looks like whatever the heck you want it to look like, but 10 hours later.

Palek: I snort flat design straight from the vial

Bustios: Gillice, with you on that

Battaglini: Gillice, Have you tried Win10 yet?

Termeer: Im on antergos which has cinnamon and custom icons for everythings

Morna: Yeah, currently my secondary OS

Brinkly: I feel like the adware situation is getting worse and worse though

Delucchi: I can’t use it for 10 minutes without something trying to install itself

Reineck: They have added the free2play mechanics to freaking Solitaire

Reineck: You get ads. in SOLITAIRE

Iwanejko: When a variable is declared and initialized with a JSON list of functions, that’s making the variable an object, correct?

Reineck: I’m not upgrading to win10 yet as I have a number of hardware that will probably stop working with it

Reineck: No reason to upgrade, but eventually probably will

Rivena: Best part about being on linux is feeling like part of the FOSS community

Lanzoni: Iwanejko: you can’t really have a JSON object with functions though

Reineck: Once all the children’s diseases are fixed

Goodwyn: It’s not a JSON list, it’s a JavaScript list

Leonardi: Horita: I think what I appreciate most is its modularity

Marrazzo: It’s not one big goo of software

Sedenko: It’s a ton of tiny ones coming together and you can play with every single one of them

Iwanejko: So it’s an array of functions.

Fausnaught: Then ubuntu should **** you off on account of systemd

Schmoyer: Iwanejko: if you make it one

Mcgranor: Zomg: I got myself a new GPU, figured it was a good time to upgrade my systems

Mosco: Brought my Raspberry Pi back to life, installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 OK, that was barely an update, more of a reinstall and Windows 10

Mcgettigan: It’s now constantly streaming music to my bed 😀

Oakland: I go to bed, switch the speakers on, music!

Thronson: Sounds neat ThePendulum

Iwanejko: Gillice, nucleartide this is what I’m looking at. A number of declarations in this style. http://pastebin.com/8KmjMmhj

Westby: Get out of bed, switch the speakers off and breakfast would impress me more :

Turrie: Iwanejko: yep that’s an object of functions