Bachinski: ok I.

Sliney: ERROR 2006 HY000: MySQL server has gone away

Sliney: No connection. Trying to reconnect.

Sliney: ERROR 2002 HY000: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ 2

Sliney: Can’t connect to the server

Weidman: Sliney: is the server running ? pgrep mysqld

Sliney: And now I’m getting this when trying to relogin :

Sliney: Yes, it died now to figure out why

Sliney: It’s like every time I change the root p***word mysql dies on me

Sliney: Two process IDs for mysql

Brahm: Hi all, can anybody recommend me stable free mysql hosting?

Deason: Hivearts: send me your credit card and i’ll set something up dont worry the hosting is free i just need your card for verification

Marinas: I can configure myself, i have dedicated server

Leasy: But i need it for one wordpress site

Stanesic: I won’t manage virtual machine with mysql for 1 website only

Deason: Use some existing mysqld?

Maule: Hivearts: google top 10 webhosts – there are lots of reviews

Warkentin: And a lot of affiliate links

Lisenbee: Is it better to have two columns “id” INT PRIMARY KEY and “identifier” VARCHAR100 or one “id” VARCHAR100 PRIMARY KEY

Wakeland: Deele : varchars do not make good keys

Rabidoux: Deele : apart from that, whether you use internal ids or external identifiers as keys is more a matter of taste than anything

Obery: Deele : personally I use internal ids *as* external identifiers

Oldenburg: What is internal/external id?

Rued: Internal id is what you use within the database in foreign key columns to create references between tables

Dieter: Hi guys. How can remove a Exception inside my try-catch?

Sebastion: External ids are the ones that are either visible to the end user or at least used within application logic

Haris: So I want to handle the exception inside try{} but I don’t want php to throw that exception so that the users sees it on page

Guarriello: JosefDe : this isn’t #php

Flavors: Which is the better way to extract records for many to many relationship using join to create temporary tables or creating a intermediate table

Desantos: I had an error while a table schema was being edited and the table was dropped. I’m trying to restore it now but I am getting error 121 and it is referring to a fk that doesn’t exist anymore

Conoley: I’m dumping a database which is encoded in utf-8 but the dump is shown as ascii by file or enca. I cannot find why. when I restore it, some special characters are ok, but some look not well encoded.

Borello: Any idea on what’s going on ? I’ve search for hours.

Westpfahl: Jww: mysqldump -u uname -p –routines dbname yourfile.sql

Schrager: Jww: mysql -u uname -p dbname yourfile.sql

Deason: Are you doing something different?

Bachinski: Jww: “If no character set is specified, mysqldump uses utf8.”

Santos: I don’t use –routine

Bachinski: Jww: that’s for stored procedures and funtions

Skeele: What is the difference between “alter table foo convert to character set utf8, collate utf8_unicode_ci;” and the same without the comma? both work, but create slightly different results for “show create table foo;”

Bachinski: Jww: are you restoring the dump to a different mysql server?

Schwarts: I have this dataset : and i need to setup your basic crud app, whats the best way to structure the data? name and id tables with a fk pointing to the id of the name?

Bachinski: Jww: compare the character set related settings in the two different my.cnf files. you may no be using the same client and connection ch****t settings

Boero: Bachinski: ok I check