Its not actually saving the.

Wehunt: But here it is with just css if that’s the actual content :

Lunsford: Oh ou had to specify the width?

Lunsford: I tried: word-break: break-word; but that was doing othing

Lunsford: It are always 2 words, I am not sure about the length of the characters.

Sticker: You might want to ask the guys at #css, they may know of a secret way to handle that.

Everage: Fris, how can I find out the structure of $post?

Everage: I want to var_dump it, but I cannot do that in functions.php

Meehleder: Can someone recommend me a channel to get some advice on setting up functions correctly in wordpress

Everage: Is there anyway to debug that?

Schurkamp: Manrig, you might want to ask the folks at the plugin’s site. I don’t know that plugin and can’t really help.

Zeyer: There are simple instructions to setting it up but im getting it wrong somewhere

Cambric: Ill try set it up in jsfiddle

Shumpert: Can you look at demo no. 1 here

Kin: Do you have knowledge of js ?

Kinloch: Im not sure the locations to use it correctly in my wordpress template

Vogeler: For ddslick to work with the wp nav menu, you will need to do a walker

Vogeler: A walker formats the output of the html

Glasgow: Ok, can you point me in the right direction?

Everage: Publish_post hook does not work :

Vogeler: Manrig wordpress-navigation-menu-output">

Covington: Can i make an title post excerpt?

Everage: Fris, is not there anyway to get the value of the custom fields which are going to be published for the current post?

Vogeler: What are you trying to do exactly with the data?

Vogeler: Guest22 you could link the excerpt to the permalink

Everage: I have got some custom fields in my post. One of them is the year. I want to add the year custom field to the slug right after I clicked the publish button. The problem is I cannot get the custom field on the fly.

Escarsega: What do you mean fris?

Vogeler: The excerpt would have the link the title would be

Vogeler: Everage did you set the post meta in the publish_post hook?

Everage: I am using advanced custom fields so I simply called get_field’year’;

Vogeler: That only gets the field, it doesnt save it

Everage: Fris, I know. I did something like : $post-post_name = $post-post_title . get_field’year’;

Vogeler: But where are you saving it, i would need to see the full code to better understand and recommend something

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Pruett: My title is like that

Vogeler: You can have a title, as long as you want

Vorwaller: I know but I want to limit how it appear

Everage: Fris,

Everage: Fris, check out the code above

Vogeler: Everage that wont do anything

Vogeler: Because you want to change the title

Everage: I want to change the post slug

Vogeler: Well that wont either

Vogeler: You are just returning the post name, you arent doing any modifying

Munis: Guest22, did you try the code I posted?

Vogeler: You need to actually modify the permalink

Everage: Fris, I did some modification – I set the $post-post_name = ‘tosomething’;

Vogeler: Its only returning it though

Rykard: I saw it now whirledpress

Vogeler: Its not actually saving the permalink