So this will give me a.

Jae: Smgs: see***ent/execCommand — it’s not supported in Safari and the exact support tends to vary.

Mussel: Smgs: most websites that do it e.g. GitHub just use a tiny flash plugin.

Tyeryar: Kaumuela: i take it as “**** off, i’m not interested in collaboration”

Kment: Hagb4rd i’m not sure what you mean, i just meant that I didn’t develop it

Kment: Hagb4rd: different dude:

Keitt: You mean you have answered? pardon. reviewing log

Campo: Okay. btw. i can’t find your answer so, sry, and thanks for the info.

Deasis: I have a question : Can I use several MutationObservers in my script at the same time?

Garczynski: I want to know the practical uses of javascript. like . i know thats its client-side programming language.

Mundschenk: I followed javascript the good parts book. i know about DOM too.

Deasis: Friot: Not only now, you also have server side javascript Node.JS for instance

Borah: Yea. i have heard about that as well

Mofford: But what would be the scenarios where i can use javascript ?

Deasis: Friot: If you want an example, I’m trying to make a Greasemonkey script to modify the behaviour of a page.

Deasis: But that’s only an example

Lovenbury: Deasis, any book or tutorial which would teach me how do i actually use it. in what scenarios can i use it when it comes to web development

Kaniewski: Friot, you can use JS for all programming things

Herrboldt: It’s just not always the best tool

Osden: E.g. heavy computations or other high performance situations

Swoyer: But it’s good for everything from web sites to CLI tools

Deasis: Friot: you could try the Mozilla Developer Network.

Deasis: If I modify add/remove elements with my JS script on my page, is this a mutation?

Deasis: Victorliew: The kind of mutation that could trigger the callback function of a MutationObserver

Darter: Yeap i will say its a mutation

Taaffe: According to the online docs

Gwillim: There’s a MutationRecord

Tritto: MutationRecord is the object that will be p***ed to the observer’s callback. It has the following properties:

Rafuse: It can Return the nodes removed. Will be an empty NodeList if no nodes were removed.

Morcos: And also Return the nodes added. Will be an empty NodeList if no nodes were added.

Deasis: Victorliew: But If the mutation is caused by the callback function of a MutationObserver, won’t it trigger it again, and again. recursively, and cause an infinite loop?

Pruette: You probably need to call disconnect

Hsi: Does someone know why destructuring ***ignment do not work with node v4.0.0 –harmony?

Speir: To prevent such things from happening

Deasis: Victorliew: So MutationObserver can mostly be used only once?. :/

Solian: Which are the best books for JS

Niedermaier: U can use it more than once, just write the logic properly :

Pogorelc: Or best ways to learn javascript.

Filler: All i want is good resources

Deasis: Friot:

Scroggins: Just learning about polyfills. how do you develop for older browsers? do you have to set up multiple versions of a browser or something?

Wieber: Siba, you mostly only need to worry about old IE versions and maybe safari; you can get IE virtual machines directly from microsoft

Zade: And there are paid tools for running tests and generating screenshots in a variety of browsers, see browserstack

Naito: Https://

Shuter: So this will give me a bootable image or something to run in a vm?