Whirledpress: this was.

Hargett: I want to add an ****ytics event to a link so that it runs a function when clicked on. Nothing seems to be working, Not this  $”a.my-mix-report-link”, context.clickfunction e {}; and not on mousedown either. The link has href that goes to another page.

Roorda: What am i doign wrong?

Barvick: What is ‘context’ in this case Jumoke

Tarufelli: In whihc it is contained

Barvick: Jumoke: are you trying to stop the link from going to another page?

Vinagre: And i want the click event to write to db as well

Barvick: What are you trying to do within your click callback? window.alert’test’ doesn’t fire?

Barvick: Make sure devtools doesn’t clear the console on page change

Barvick: And then see what’s happening when you click the link

Rutheford: Found answer here; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12219672/why-is-my-click-event-handler-not-firing-for-a-dynamically-added-link

Guillot: Seem like an issue with jquery version.

Barvick: Which version are you using?

Kosier: Then you switch to .on

Eberley: Shhhhh.everyone is watching Sa****ay Morning Cartoons.

Avella: Wait, do they even have cartoons on Sa****ays any more?

Puff: They should have. cartoons are good for humanity

Castrey: Whirledpress, so you know jquery

Barrow: I know enough to get in trouble. What ya got?

Raycraft: See, i know what javascript is. what jquery is. i followed some crash courses. i need to wrap it up around my head pretty quick

Finell: It lets you select DOM elements, tags, and lets you manipulate, add, update it.

Sadorra: Where can i use it practically in my web development projects.

Harvie: How do i use it? in what scenarios should i use it ?

Prass: Wherever you get sick of typing do***ent.getElementByID”ID”;

Kishbaugh: Jquery handles a bunch of other nice things for you too. That’s an over-simplification. Plus jquery is cross-platform compat

Thayne: So no multiple conditional statements depending on the browser any more

Rabsatt: And as you look through the jquery library, there are some great shortcuts to doing things that you CAN do in javascript alone, but what a pain.

Kleinfeld: Since jquery is js and all

Pavella: To style an element can be a real nightmare in js. But in jquery it’s $”el”.css{yourstyleobject};

Glackin: Jquery handles all the conditional magic in the background so you don’t have to.

Bagi: What else do you want to know. If you want me to convince you to use any library, I’m not the man to do it. It’s a matter of personal preference, I suppose.

Liotta: However, there are tons of google results for ya: http://www.javaworld.com/article/2078613/java-web-development/6-reasons-you-should-be-using-jquery.html

Brennaman: Or better yet, and more to the point: http://www.learningjquery.com/2015/02/5-reasons-to-use-jquery

Hainsworth: Jquery does NOT work if js is disabled

Birckhead: To be fair you can do alot already in CSS

Browley: For adding content on the fly jquery is nice

Sartin: Anyone knows how jsonp works not in terms of making a request but when we get the response back

Worman: Funny that one of the latest debates is whether it is a good idea to replace css with js-based inline styling.

Barvick: Whirledpress: i’m on the side of using CSS for all your base styles and resets

Barvick: And everything inline in your front-end app after that

Barvick: You can start with cl***-swapping but ultimately you want all that logic in your app

Laughton: I am not advocating one or the other because heaven knows, I have no idea which is better. lol

Radics: I do hate css though.

Barvick: Whirledpress: this was shared earlier: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-41v6n3Vaf5s/UeRN_XJ0keI/AAAAAAAAN2Y/YxIHhddGiaw/s1600/css.gif