It was just the image.

Cancelliere: How can I retrieve contents from that input text?

Svedine: I guess I can’t help you

Castonguay: Opsec: Google result for ***y mcgee –***y_McGee

Pu: Good evening, I’m having an issue setting up WP on my linux Mint machine, I get to wp-setup.php and it has me copy the wp-config.php file, I upload it, and then wp-setup.php just keeps rotating through part 3 back to part 1

Rouff: I have a feeling I am missing something very very simple

More: The plugin generated 2 characters of ,,unexpected output ,,during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.,

Mccallough: Cbdraconus:

Kinion: I’m still not getting it to p*** the wp-config.php step :/

Mooney: I’ll work on this more later. Thanks for the tip opsec

Nordling: I’m working with a child theme and my parent theme has a folder named Functions. In it is a function I want to modify. If I recreate the directory structure and modify the file in that folder, Halcom happens. If I add the function to my functions.php, my site won’t load.

Sann: Any tips on sorting this out? Did the parent theme dev make it unmodifiable?

Mccreless: Does anyone have any recommendations on gallery plugins inside or outside of wordpress? It seems the one I want to use isn’t playing nice with the latest version of wp.

Borsellino: Just want something simple and responsive

Elhassan: Syn3rgy: Google result for gallery factory –

Jenks: Any good video gallery for our website

Natonabah: Http://

Boggs: Oferw: Google result for royal slider –

Nussbaumer: But looking for free one

Birkeland: How can i change the name on a menu?

Birkeland: Or just delete a menu ive duplicated?

Weaving: Have you tried galleryfactory?

Birkeland: N/m didnt scroll down enough. argh.

Putcha: Hi! is it possible to have a route display a “page” like page-my-page.php without it being inserted via wp-admin in the pages section?

Bernardo: I would like to use it to expose a custom api endpoint

Keating: So i’d rather it not being visible in the pages section

Lunsford: I am using a history plugin to detect which users are **** things in the admin znoe.

Lunsford: But that thing keeps track of the logins as well.

Lunsford: Now I saw from an IP 14 hours ago ‘ Login failed with username ‘xyz’ ‘ But that username does not existst.

Llewlyn: Might have been an attempt to hack into the website

Lunsford: 16 times a person/hacker/ I don’t know has tried to login

Padberg: Lunsford: Login LockDown –

Lunsford: Great Llewlyn thank you.

Lunsford: By default Login LockDown will not trigger if an attempt is made to log in using a username that does not exist. You can override this behavior here.

Lunsford: Is that a good behaviour you think?

Llewlyn: Well … what do you think? :

Lunsford: I think its ok that defualt behaviour

Gallahan: Facebook related plugin seems not to work for me

Murray: Hi everyone, i was hoping to get some help with something :

Barrington: Benjamin__: Don’t ask to ask, just ask :

Warrilow: I was editing some code on my wordpress website, and it seems ever since i saved the code. the website wont load nor will the admin page

Llewlyn: You only see a white screen?

Bronstein: It was just the image.php