Gershkovich: I did. But I.

Pavan: Zcserei: try karma test runner with mocha and chai jasmine if you like bdd

Chhon: Morenoh149: can you recommend some good resources for getting started with testing?

Rueckert: Then do integration testing by spinning up a headless server via vorlonjs

Giacolone: Zcserei: this looks good

Dominis: But honestly it’s a fragmented topic with many solutions and approaches

Mcglohon: I’d go with mocha but that’s only a small part of the testing approach

Westervelt: Im doing codeacademys course on recursions and this is one of the examples it uses to demonstrate it, how this code even related to recursion? what’s recursive about it lol ?

Loughner: Using cheerio, i have this: request{ uri: } i wanna be able to make a function that takes in a link

Kenik: Hey guys! I just put my new webdev tool into free, open beta mode:

Shade: Any critics and comments welcome :

Harmeson: Can you help me about why $.mobile.changePage is not working at all in ?

Perrow: Hannold: before you go any further, see docs:

Meachem: It has a depricattion/removal warning

Lundburg: Bompane: no warnings for me

Pieters: It’s at the top of the docs bruh

Clatterbuck: Bompane: plus, it’s working on other pages

Chea: It will work, but that function won’t exist in 1.5

Boccella: And they are 1.4.5 now

Parmantier: It’s probably being removed for a reason

Part: Okay, I’ll consider it

Muckenthaler: Thanks for the heads up

Cardosi: I wonder if Dekok is here.

Sowders: I have a input field, and a “change” listener, set, but it never fires. what is the problem?

Sowders: How do i write into the input field, such that it fires the change event?

Honga: I can’t remember enough specifics to answer that question right now.

Stielau: I think so, though I can’t say for 100% certain.

Gerace: I know that with is definitely discouraged now.

Tabbaa: Can you help me about why $.mobile.changePage is not working at all in ?

Straight: Beaky: yes. don’t ever use it.

Flies: Why was it put there if it is bad

Straight: Beaky: lots of things seem like good ideas at the time.

Straight: It’s bad because it’s not optimizable, and you can’t know by looking at it what any identifiers actually mean

Huffine: Brendan Eich seemed to design JavaScript as a cheap toy.

Duwe: It took ECMA to give it some good supervision.

Deasis: I have a little question : There is the hashchange jquery event to detect hash change in the location, but what about a urlchange event?

Deasis: I mean : Does such event exist? I’m a JS newbie

Gershkovich: When the url changes the page changes

Gershkovich: Unless using the history api

Deasis: Gershkovich: Even if there is only AJAX changes?

Gershkovich: Ajax doesn’t change the url

Wakley: Deasis: History – Web API Interfaces MDN

Deasis: Gershkovich: That’s not what facebook do for instance?

Deasis: I mean, when I go to another page on facebook, it changes the URL and it didn’t seem to reload the whole page.

Gershkovich: The magic of the history api

Deasis: Gershkovich: Do you mean for the facebook example?

Deasis: Gershkovich: I did. But I don’t understand : I thought that only a part of the page was reloaded when I went to an other page on facebook because it used AJAX to do this. And I had problem with a script because I had to manually reload the whole page to force my script to execute again from the right page.